The Week That Was: October 11-15

Editor’s Note: Due to a bout with COVID this blog author did not publish last week. Thanks to several in the field reporters I’ve been able to cobble together some recent news.

Fore and More from Southeast Dental Society

I hate to miss a golf outing, but the I understand there was a spirited competition on the links last week ahead of the SEDS Fall Meeting. Others were able to take in some good CE and then all were invited to the Installation Banquet where MDA President Elect, Dr. Tom Stone, presented a plaque honoring the service of faithful SEDS Trustee and outgoing President, Dr. Mack Taylor. Dr. Stone also installed the new President, Dr. Blake Essner. Joining Dr. Essner as officers will be Dr. Alyssa Ruopp Baker, President Elect and Dr. Audrey Frenz, Secretary. I first met Alyssa eight years ago when she helped her parents, Drs. Pat and Jan Ruopp with MOMOM. Since then she’s gone to dental school, married, returned home and jumped into leadership. I love it! Best of luck to all our generous volunteer leaders at the component level.

Anything but Bland at the UMKC Food for Thought

We are so excited to be back on campus with students for the popular FFT program sponsored by MDIS, even if it means we have to adapt to meet COVID protocols. Stacey and Jerri worked with great student leadership to pull off a two-room event featuring our awesome volunteer speaker, Dr. Ryan Bland. While the students dined on Chick-fil-A, Dr. Bland delivered a genuine, humorous and honest presentation on life after dental school. He was peppered with questions and did the students a favor by revealing the many challenges to getting established. After the presentation, Stacey gave away a lot of cash and prizes via the Wheel of Winners.

SmileCon takes  to Vegas for a “New Day in Dentistry

The ADA annual meeting, this year re-branded to “SmileCon”, is gathering is in Las Vegas this week. There are more highlights than I can deliver so be sure to read the ADA Huddle for more in-depth reporting. However, MDA ED, Vicki Wilbers, was quick to provide some sights from her morning run and Dr. Stone proudly texted me a photo of the ADA 10 Under 10 Awards Recognition which featured three Missouri based dentists. Love seeing their names in the bright lights! I also saw where the ADA launched a new video to capture changes for the future. Watch it here. The annual ADA House of Delegates will meet through the weekend, so stay tuned for developments there. I know many more MDA members are on site and representing MDA well.  

KCU Launched Curriculum and Building Update

Last Monday I was on a Zoom with leadership from the new KCU School of Dental Medicine. They previewed their curriculum model and provided an update on the building which is due to be complete in April 2023. Part of the presentation was their “quilt” showing their mission and guiding principles. I thought it would be good to share.

Sneak Peeking Already

I can’t let the cat too far out of the bag but some MDA staff were in Margaritaville this week grabbing footage for a variety of videos to help promote the awesome Connect4Success Conference, June 3-4,2022. Trust me, this place has got it all, so don’t miss out on good CE with your dental team plus a load of dun with colleagues next summer.

The Week Ahead

I’ll be in the woods of Arkansas for a week of renewal. See you down the path when the blog returns in two weeks.

Quote of the Week

“I steadfastly believe that all dentists — no matter their age, race, gender or practice style — should have an equitable opportunity to thrive, both within our Association and in their communities.” — Dr. Dan Klemmedson, outgoing ADA President at SmileCon 2021

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