The Week That Was: May 3-7

Food Trucks, Corn Hole, Prizes and Togetherness = GSLDS ND Social

Last night I had the privilege of attending a great gathering of New Dentists in St. Louis. The GSLDS NDC hosted an outdoor gathering in the office parking lot. Despite some early wind, the set up took shape for the post-work event: a food truck for food, a bar for liquid medication, tables for gathering and custom-made corn hole boards for a highly-competitive tournament. I met so many new and friendly faces and enjoyed watching everyone have a good, relaxed time together. These gatherings are fertile soil for colleague network building, exposure to organized dentistry benefits and leadership development.

After the pizza demolishment, all eyes turned toward the bracketed corn hole tourney where “first one in wins” was the rule. I could tell some docs should stick to dentistry. Others seem to summon talent from college tailgating memories. Often direct hits were answered with direct hits, thus ratcheting up the intensity. In the end, just before sunset, Dr. Aldrin Aquino had the steadiest hands under pressure and won the tournament. His spoils included his own corn hole boards, a medal of distinction and the invaluable praise (or envy) of his peers. But very few went home empty handed as raffle prizes were plentiful from blankets to gift cards to MDIS goody bags.

All of this doesn’t just happen. Many people are to thank including Dr. Andrew Monestero, NDC Chair and emcee, his whole committee and the GSLDS staff, Meg Stagina, Laura Breeden, Susan Prosperi, Nikki Sprehe and Carrie Allen. Special recognition to Dr. Brain Darling and Dr. Alyssa Mazzoli for making the corn hole boards. Thanks again for including me and for engaging our future with New Dentists.

The Grab Bag

Not much else was picture worthy this week but plenty of stuff went on with legislative session in the home stretch (one week to go) and Connect4Success setting record registration numbers.


Who among us has not wailed that name often in life? And you know what? Every time (or most every time) there was a warm and helpful response from a nurturing mother. Face it, we can’t escape the sculpting hand of our wonderful mothers. No one juggles quite like a mother. In fact at the event last night, one DDS mom snuck off to her car for 20 minutes to lead a PTA meeting on Zoom. I miss my mother dearly. I’m grateful for the wonderful mother of my two sons. And on this Mother’s Day weekend, I salute the wonderful moms here at the MDA and MDIS and all the great moms out there in the dental world. May you experience well-earned rest and love this weekend.

The Week Ahead

More grab bag stuff and legislative wrap up. Read your Capitol Connection on Monday. Sadly, I have a conflict with the one possible photo op road trip to play golf with the good folks in the Southeast Dental Society next Friday. Hit ’em well lads and ladies!

Quote of the Week

A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.” – Helen Steiner Rice

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