The Week That Was: December 19-23

Dentists — Many Different Perceptions and Pursuits

When I joined the MDA and knew very little about the profession, I thought to myself, “How hard can it be? After all, dentists are humans too, right?” And of course I was proven correct. I have enjoyed getting to know so many talented and unique MDA members. By and large, most dentists are pleasant, regular folk who spend their hours taking care of patients, managing staff and enjoying their personal pursuits. However, the public portrayal of dentists in popular culture ranges from the very dark side to the  inspirational Hermey the Elf who dedicated his life to checking the oral health of misfit toys. You may have seen this ADA article about the dentist’s world in pop culture. If not, check out this light reading and see if you think you’ve been represented accurately.

And every now and then I read about a dentist who lives a colorful life breaking barriers and forging new paths. Such is the case of Dr. Britt Baker, who is also a pro wrestler with All Elite Wrestling. Those two professions don’t often align, especially among women. Regardless of your interest in wrestling or dentistry, you might enjoy this profile. You can all thank me later for my reading recommendations which also include this blog and the Focus magazine.

MDIS Delivers Generous Gift to the Foundations

It’s hard to imagine a better association partner than MDIS. Created 30 years ago to meet the insurance needs of our members, they are now a first-rate customer service team with a multitude of offerings for the dental team. And they generate an impressive amount of non-dues revenue which keeps your dues down and allows for more programing opportunities. It gets even better: Since 2014 or so they have been gifting a portion of their profits to support the two MDA foundations. This amount keeps getting bigger and this year each foundation received more than $10,000 in needed funds from MDIS. As Foundation Director, I leap for joy over this news. Kudos to Jerri Wildhaber and her excellent team and the entire MDIS Board. Thank you so much!

Celebrating in PJs

The annual MDA/MDIS holiday staff party is always well planned and a generous potpourri of food, beverage, games and gifts. We can thank Jerri and Stacey for that. But there’s always some kind of silly (uh, sadistic) costume element that inevitably leads to unflattering photos. In the past we had themes and voted on a winner. The competition was fierce and humorous. This year we were encouraged (uh, forced) to wear matching PJs. I just shake my head and order another round. We do enjoy being together and we did have needed fun to round out another year. Kudos to yours truly for winning blackout bingo and the $65 kitty. Enjoy the photos, if you can!

Farewell to 2022

I won’t post again until January 6,2023. This has been a wild 2022 for the MDA members and staff. Change is in the wind. New offerings and approaches are underway as we seek to grow our value proposition and continue to deliver you the service and benefits you can’t find anywhere else. That’s what makes the MDA, the MDA. Thanks for going on the journey with us and reading my silly weekly recaps. It’s intended to keeps us informed and united. Here’s to a peaceful Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and yours!

Quote of the Week

“I can’t decide if people who wear pajamas in public have given up on life or they are living it to the fullest”. — Pinterest

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