The Week That Was: December 5-9

Member Merriment

Once you get into December, most of the MDA work is closing out the year and behind-the-scenes prep stuff for next year. It’s important and there’s a lot of talk going on, but it’s not exactly photo rich or ready for headlines. Thankfully we can fill this post with lots of photos of our awesome members enjoying some holiday gatherings. I can’t possibly identify every name but you can enjoy their smiling faces.

Last Thursday I was able to join MDA Lobbyist, Olivia Wilson and MDA Professional Affairs Director, Halie Payne at the super festive New Dentist social at trendy Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Grove. The GSLDS  team always does a great job making this event cozy. There are a lot of colleague connections being made and of course, the highly coveted prize giveaways. This year, Dr. Angelyn Rosenberger won the grand prize fire pit. You can see her with outgoing NDC Chair, Dr. Kirthi Tata and incoming Chair, Dr. Sable Muntean. Congrats and cheers to all!

Last Friday, the GKCDS gathered on the Plaza for their installation holiday banquet. I hated to miss this swanky affair but the photos tell me all went well. Plus MDA President, Dr. Jeremy Bowen, lives in Kansas City and could manage all the proceedings. Among the activities were the tributes to outgoing President Dr. Garrett Cochran, and welcoming of new President Dr. Katie Oatman. Plus Dr. Cochran had the pleasure of presenting his father, Dr. Doug Cochran, with his lifetime membership pin. Sam Silvey, GKCDS Executive Director, once again delivered an excellent event.

The Week Ahead

The events aren’t over either as Greater Springfield Dental Society holds their holiday party this Wednesday. There’s also Zoom orientation for our new MDA Board members, Drs. Batson, Cochran, Meyer & Schoolman. Margie Kunze, MDA Governance Manager, does a great job making sure our volunteer leaders have what they need to succeed. And finally on Friday, the kind folks at the Northeast Dental Society are providing lunch for MOSDOH dental students taking their board exams. I’ll see what photos I can secure. The holiday schedule means the blog posts for the year are getting fewer. A brief respite before we charge into 2023.

Quote of the Week

“Frame your mind with mirth and merriment, which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.” – The Bard, William Shakespeare

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