The Week That Was: November 7-11

The People Have Spoken

I feel sure most of you did your civic duty and took to the polls this past Tuesday. I’m not a political commentator, but I do wish to note two specific results. The first deals with a real pain point issue for many providers – insurance reform. It happened in Massachusetts when the Question 2 ballot measure passed by a landslide 70%. With the victory, the state’s insurance carriers will now be required to spend at least 83% of premium dollars on patient care rather than on administrative costs, salaries and profits. That’s a big statement. Many believe Massachusetts will be a bell cow for many other states in the battle for insurance reform. The ADA and a majority of states, including Missouri, contributed funds to help educate voters and promote passage. Meanwhile here in Missouri, Amendment 3 passed allowing for the legalization of marijuana. This will be interesting to watch in the profession, and I’m sure there will be many new CE related courses on the topic. Cue the music … doobie doobie doo.

MDA in ADA Spotlight

Each month the ADA conducts a Zoom for state staff to hear the latest news and data from ongoing projects. They also feature best practices or interesting events that states are doing on their own. This past Tuesday I was proud to see our very own Stacey Hemmel, MDA Membership Manager, on the agenda. Stacey’s expertise with Aptify, the membership data program, earned her a spot on a new task force that is designing and testing a new customer platform that will roll out by July 2024. Stacey did a good job explaining the process to date and the next steps on the horizon. Just last week, Stacey was honored for 25 years of service to the MDA and this just validates how valuable our entire staff team is to everyone’s success.

Uplifting News in My Inbox

On Wednesday I received the annual report for the Donated Dental Services program here in Missouri. From July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022, this outstanding program treated 148 patients while delivering $533,001 in donated care. Some of the highlighted stories of individuals will move you. Many of you must be among the 352 dentists and 94 labs that participate, because I’ve heard you share rewarding stories of involvement. I salute all the volunteers and encourage you read the report to learn about current challenges and opportunities as the waiting list gets longer and longer.

What Time Is It?

My favorite definition of a consultant is someone who looks at your watch and tells you what time it is. It can be invaluable to have an outside partner help you evaluate and strategize about your programs and basically help you see “what time” it is. In the past year, MDA has worked with High 5, a local marketing company, on some successful targeted strategies. As they have gotten to know us, we asked for some guidance in helping us get aligned so we can maximize our communication efforts. On Wednesday of this week we had a very fruitful and lengthy conversation toward that end. Stay tuned!

Dr. Rogers, Pink and Jimmy Johns

What do these title names have in common? Well, Dr. Teddy Rogers from Fulton, Mo. was our Food for Thought speaker yesterday at UMKC. She did a very creative presentation based on a Pink song, All I Know So Far, and she did it while the students ate Jimmy John box lunches. This unique approach and Dr. Rogers’ authentic style really made an impression. Of course, we also created some competitive energy when we spun the Wheel of Names and gave away money and prizes. Sadly, we won’t be back until the spring, but this was a good way to bid farewell before the holidays.

Veterans Day

Many of you will participate in a Veteran’s Day ceremony today or remember a veteran in your family. Let’s salute these wonderful men and women who do what few want to do so that the many may prosper and do as they wish – like be a dentist or write a blog. With all its flaws, this is still a great country.

The Week Ahead

The annual meeting of the Dental Well Being Foundation is next Wednesday evening. And Dr. Rogers will repeat her performance at a FFT at MOSDOH in Kirksville.

Quote of the Week – from Pink song refenced above.

I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to choose
No one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rules
The little that I know I’ll tell to you
When they dress you up in lies and you’re left naked with the truth

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