The Week That Was: Special House Edition

Dr. Mike Medovic, ADA 6th District Trustee, recognized those in attendance who had been 30-year members of the Association.

Your Association in the Spotlight

There are a few weeks in the year when many members and many activities collide. The annual House of Delegates week certainly qualifies as one of those weeks. There are departures, arrivals, guests, award winners, friends and colleagues. Plus, there’s a ton of decision making and course charting going on.

Because this blog is more show pony than work horse, I will attempt to recall the events and people in simple order and pray I don’t overlook anyone. You can see all the lovely photos on the MDA Flickr album. As for the business, you can read about all the resolutions on the MDA House page. Pay particular attention to the fact the 2023 HOD will be in eight months on Saturday, June 24 at Margaritaville Lake Resort. Come for Connect4Success and stick around to see the HOD in person. Now, on to the recap.

Board Meetings

The MDA Board meets on Thursday of HOD week. This is the last meeting before new officers are installed and new trustees take their seat at the table. It’s bittersweet for those moving on. Some positions like President, Dr. Tom Stone, Immediate Past President, Dr. Rob Tait and Speaker of the House, Dr. Lynne Barbour, finish their formal roles while trustees, Dr. Brett Durbin Greater Springfield, Dr. Erick Jansson Central and Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick Northeast either finish their terms or transition to new roles. When the MDA Board met on Saturday after the HOD, Dr. Jeremy Bowen presided as President, Dr. Jon Copeland is President Elect, Dr. Mack Taylor is Treasurer and Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick is the new Speaker. Taking their first seat as trustees were Dr. Ashley Meyer Greater Springfield, Dr. Phil Batson Central and Dr. Lisa Bosch Northeast. Dr. Steve Schoolman for Southeast had to miss for personal reasons. Also joining the Board was Dr. Garret Cochran as the New Dentist representative. While you may need a scorecard to keep pace, you don’t have to worry about your leadership. The MDA is blessed to have sharp, committed members who wish the best for the profession. I love getting to see their strengths in action. Kudos to all who have served well and welcome to all those who are settling in.

House of Delegates

There’s a lot packed into these roughly 24 hours. At the heart of the work, the components meet in their caucuses to discuss resolutions. Then we have the first meeting of the House followed by reference committee hearings. This is where the testimony is passionate and the discourse is advantageous to the whole association. On Saturday morning the House meets again to vote on resolutions. In between all of this there are speeches from distinguished guests like ADA President Elect, Dr. Linda Edgar and 6th District Trustee, Dr. Mike Medovic. Dr. Stone gets to deliver his final address and did so with heart and flair and a nod to the ‘80s movie, Stripes. Plus there are some healthy fundraiser competitions. Halie Payne helped raise more than $11,000 for MODentPAC through the 2nd annual Generous Hearts competition. She presented the trophy to Northeast for their spectacular showing. And yours truly held a cash raffle for the Dental Well Being Foundation that raised $2,900 thanks to the winner, Dr. JC Standlee, donating back his grand prize. We have many generous and competitive members, which spices up the long day. Thank you all!

Awards Banquet

At the end of the day, everyone gathers for a fun cocktail hour followed by our awards ceremony. Margie Kunze does a good job keeping Dr. Stone on track as he honors all the various transitions on the board, and recognizes and thanks members and staff for consecutive years of membership, including three in attendance with 50 years each: Drs. Tim Couch, John Wilson and Richard Graham. Congratulations to these and all members. Plus, we honored beloved (and long-time) MDA staff members on milestone employee anniversaries: Stacey Hemmel, Membership Manager, 25 years’ service and Vicki Wilbers, Executive Director, 30 years’ service. We salute you all! Then through the Prize Patrol videos and Dr. Stone’s comments, we highlight the wonderful achievements of our 2022 award winners: New Dental Leader, Dr. Lisa BoschDistinguished Service Award, Dr. Tim Curry and Dentist of the Year, Dr. Tara Cash. Many of their family and staff are in attendance as well to celebrate, and it’s a joyful time when various groups gather for photos at the end. This is definitely a feel-good night.

The Week Ahead

As you can tell by this late post, we all are scrambling to reassemble the office and do all the appropriate follow up. Travel wise, we head back to UMKC for another fun Food for Thought presentation on Thursday.

Quote of the Week

“I love the House so much, I would date it.” – Dr. Robyn Hayes, while giving testimony. Love the levity!

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