The Week That Was: October 24-28

Awesome New Dentist Photo

I mentioned my regret at not being able to attend the GSDS New Dentist Social last Friday evening. Well, now my regret is double. Look at this awesome sunset photo of a great crew enjoying a wonderful event at the rooftop bar at Hotel Vandivort. Making connections and time outside the office are valuable commodities to new dentists. Kudos for a great event.

Member Feature: Dr. George Coleman

Earlier this week I stopped by the St. Charles office of Dr. George Coleman, an MDA member for more than 40 years. I was there to film a story about his challenges from a flash flood at his practice last July. I won’t spoil the story so you will have to follow MoDental On Demand where we’ll to post a finished product in the near future. I will say, it’s always a delight when I get one-on-one time with a member. You learn so much about their unique interests and journey in the profession. It was a real delight. Be sure to watch the story when it’s released and feel free to reach out to me if you have a story that other dentists could relate to.

ATSU St. Louis FFT

Team Travel stormed into St. Louis midweek for a few days. It started with Food for Thought with the D3s and D4s at MOSDOH. Dr. Sable Muntean shared five things every new dentist should do. It was quite enlightening; and boy has she crammed a lot of wild experiences into her still brief dental journey. The mantra “just show up” is modeled in her career pursuits and connections. This message resonated with the students as did the free lunch and prizes. I love the variety of speakers (members) we put in front of students. They get to see all sorts of ways to have a meaningful career as well as the role organized dentistry can play in it. Thanks to MDIS for sponsoring these events. 

Postscript: Just so you know that all this travel is not always glamourous. I had a flat tire in route to lunch. Luckily, AAA did their thing and our safety and schedule were not in jeopardy. But still, FFT could stand for F$%^ Flat Tire.😊

MCDC Celebrates 80 Years

After FFT, we rolled into Union Station to exhibit at the 80th annual meeting of the Greater St. Louis Dental Society. I’m not sure when it became known as Mid-Continent Dental Congress but still, 80 years is worth celebrating and that’s exactly what they did last night when the had an awesome local band, Griffin and the Gargoyles, entertain an enthusiastic crowd of dentists masquerading as dancers. Keep your day jobs! Just kidding, because I was out there with them enjoying the fun. It was also sweet when during a break Meg Stagina, GSLDS ED, Dr. Andrew Bruening, event chair, and Dr. Robyn Hayes, GSLDS President, took a minute to honor staffers Nikki Sprehe and Susan Prosperi for their years of talented service. The crowd roared their approval. I heard so many good things about this conference as I visited with members and vendors. I also captured more video stories that will be shared in due time as well. I can’t begin to list all the names but let’s just say “Well Done” to all!

The Week Ahead

After a Monday Halloween, all energies turn toward our annual House of Delegates. This blog will post on Monday the 7th in order to capture all the sights and sounds from this important event. From ADA guest speeches to fundraisers to resolutions to awards, the HOD always delivers.

Quote of the Week

“Hey, MCDC, you look pretty good for 80” – Anonymous

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