The Week That Was: September 19-23

Kansas City Postscript

In rushing to meet my deadline last week, I missed one great group shot from the GKCDS New Dentist Social. Just look at everyone having fun! Plus how cool is it that Dr. Pokam Ngomsi (second from left in the photo), who was at her first-ever dental event in KC, won the grand prize trail bike. Happy pedaling!

Prize Patrol Goes Rural

On Monday, colleague Melissa Albertson joined me for a trek through the farmlands of northeast Missouri until we arrived in Edina in Knox County. We were there to gush over 2022 MDA New Dental Leader award winner, Dr. Lisa Bosch. She and her awesome team enjoyed the distraction. We had Casey’s pizza and learned a lot about the local traditions and history. I recall meeting Dr. Bosch when she was a D1, and I could have told you then she would win this award one day. Full of energy and very involved at all levels, Dr. Bosch is a deserving recipient. Congrats!

Prost to Dr. John Vogl

One of my favorite volunteers on the local MOMOM team from earlier this year is Dr. John Vogl. After a wonderful career, he retired just before MOMOM and therefore was looking for something to do. Boy, did I ever give him something to do. As operations lead, he was responsible for all sorts of difficult tasks and he did each with a smile and gusto. Throughout the preparations he kept telling me he wanted to buy me a drink at his favorite watering hole, Urban Chestnut. Well, after some scheduling challenges, we got to play 9 holes and then imbibe over an Underdog Lager. It all lived up to the hype! I only wish I could visit with all our members doing something they love and visiting at their favorite eatery.

Those Fun-Loving Southeast Dental Society Folks!

Thursday found me in Cape Girardeau for a fun-filled day. I was looking to get paired with Dr. Nick Harter in the component golf outing. He and Dr. Randy Begley and I outlasted the competition with some big drives and clutch putts. Bragging rights felt good! At the business meeting over lunch, MDA President, Dr. Tom Stone, led an engaging discussion about membership trends.

That evening SEDS had their first big gathering since COVID. The theme was ’90s and people did not disappoint. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Michael Jackson won the individual title and Dr. Terry Spence’s office won the group title for their Dwayne “Rock” Johnson costumes.

Between dinner and dancing, Dr. Stone inducted new officers, President, Dr. Alyssa Baker, and President Elect, Dr. Audry Frenz. He also honored Dr. Blake Essner for his service as president this last year.

Missouri New Dentists Involved in New ADA App

I just love when our bright New Dentists get involved in big things, so I pass along snippets from this September 7 ADA News story featuring Dr. Kirthi Tata and Dr. Graham Naasz, both MDA members and UMKC grads! Well done! And don’t miss the link at the bottom to sign up and get into a fun sweepstakes.

SmileCon to feature launch of re-imagined ADA Member App

This year’s SmileCon, to be held in Houston from Oct. 13 to 15, will include the launch of a re-imagined ADA Member App for dentists at all career stages, with special emphasis on dentists just entering the profession, ADA News reported. The app was developed by the ADA in collaboration with dentists from different practice models, including dental students.

“The ADA really focused on the various resources dentists look for in all the various aspects of their career and, more importantly, how all those resources can be accessible in one place,” said Kirthi Tata, D.D.S., a new dentist in St. Louis.

“This app will hopefully place useful information and guidance at dentists’ fingertips for easier access, and in a more time-sensitive manner,” said Graham Naasz, D.D.S., a new dentist at a private dental practice in Kansas City, Missouri. “I hope the dental community takes away from the creation of this app that with the dynamic and ever-changing field of dentistry the ADA is embracing the evolution and trying to adapt to the needs of the dental community.”

The app can be personalized and includes a new member-to-member chat feature. There will be an “Appy Hour,” hosted by the ADA on Oct. 13 at Dental Central, to celebrate the launch of the app. Visit for more information and to sign up to be notified when the app is live. Dentists who sign up will automatically be entered for a chance to win a GE Appliances package valued up to $9,000 or $5,000 cash.

The Week Ahead

I’m out on personal travel, so there will be no blog but check back in October for all the latest news.

Quote of the Week

Cheers, Ya’ll!

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