The Week That Was: August 22-26

Inside an MDA Board of Trustees Meeting

Just what are your leaders up to? That’s a fair question and the answer is, “a lot.” Today the Board of Trustees held their quarterly meeting in Jefferson City. Appointed leaders assembled from around the state to deal with association business. Over the course of five hours, MDA President, Dr. Tom Stone, led the Board through a variety of agenda items.

Here are some of the highlights:

Fair Market Health Presentation. It’s important for the Board to stay abreast of new ideas and opportunities. Today MDA Past President, Dr. Mike Berry, brought in guest speaker, Dr. Christopher Majors, for an interesting discussion on an alternative approach to dental insurance. This free market exchange approach is gaining momentum elsewhere and is worth consideration.

Budget Review. Did you know the annual MDA budget is about $1.5 million? Members expect good stewardship of their dues. There are layers of complexity to what and how things get funded. MDA Treasurer, Dr. Jon Copeland, led a good review of the proposed 2023 budget.

Legislative Update. Advocacy is always a top member benefit. The team behind it is diverse and talented. Today we heard encouraging updates and previews from the team including Olivia Wilson, MDA Legislative Liaison, Dr. Ron Wilkerson, Legislative and Regulatory Chair, and Halie Payne, MDA Director of Professional Affairs.

Meet Dr. Jackie Miller. A huge benefit for the profession is that Missouri has a state dental director. Dr. Miller from Washington has just assumed this post and made a point to stop by and meet the Board and encourage more unified efforts moving forward.

Votes Galore. Voting is a big responsibility for every trustee. Today votes were taken on resolutions and MDA annual awards among other items.

Membership Focus. MDA Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers, led a timely discussion about membership trends. There’s a consensus that change and revisioning is required if we are to continue to remain relevant for providers and patients.

New Dentist Committee Action

Earlier this week, the MDA New Dentist Committee held a Zoom meeting and elected officers and put forth Dr. Garret Cochran as the New Dentist representative on the MDA Board. They also spent a lot of time evaluating the 2022 C4S and planning for 2023. This diverse committee of component leaders and dental students are vital for reading the pulse of where the profession is heading.

The Week Ahead

It’s time for a little team development and planning as the MDA and MDIS staff sneak off for two days for a staff retreat. It’s important to take a moment to pause and enjoy some down time together. In fact, some of our best ideas surface in these relaxed settings. On a more formal note and related to the membership discussion above, the Greater St. Louis Dental Society is holding a membership forum this Monday. Representatives from the ADA will be on hand as together they discuss trends and challenges.

Quote of the Week

“The aim of an argument or discussion, should not be victory, but progress.” – Joseph Joubert

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