The Week That Was: August 15-19

Gathering & Strategizing

A lot of the weekly MDA work is hard to report in a blog post. But just because it doesn’t involve travel or a special event, doesn’t mean it’s not essential. With summer winding down and many key events in the fall, it’s important to galvanize plans – especially when there’s so much upheaval in the profession. Just this week there were calls with the ADA about their plans, meeting to discuss marketing moves and Zooms on Medicaid expansion. Plus tons of prep for a very full Board of Trustees meeting next week. It all comes down to doing what’s best for the members so we welcome your voice along the way.

A Beautiful Day to be a D1

Thankfully we did have one exciting travel event this week. Yesterday, Stacey HemmelJerri WildhaberHalie Payne and I traveled to UMKC SOD for D1 orientation. We were the last to speak and after we showed our MDA video, we fired up the crowd with several rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors followed by the unpredictable Plinko game. It was a great and a fun first impression. Halie grabbed several students on video introducing themselves. We hope to push out a combo video soon from both schools introducing you to some of our newest members. It’s always reloading season! Adding to the fun was Greater Kansas City Dental Society’s support with $10 Amazon gift cards for everyone plus free ice cream. Thanks, Sam Silvey and GKCDS! Students had a chance to meet one another on a sunny day and hang out a bit. I even played some corn hole with Richie Bigham, Assistant Dean for Student Programs. We took on some whippersnappers and well, let’s just say the score is under review. There’s a long journey ahead into an uncertain future for these students but hopefully they know the friendly MDA team is with them every step of the way.

The Week Ahead

The MDA New Dentist Committee meets via Zoom next Wednesday and will elect officers and a representative to the BOT. They also start early planning for next year’s C4S. These young voices have important influence and say over what the MDA looks like in the future. Plus the headliner event is the Board meeting on Friday. There’s a full agenda with budget review, resolution discussions, annual award votes and much more.

Quote of the Week

“Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite: it’s the starting point.” – Henry Mintzberg

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