The Week That Was: August 1-5

Hello Students

This past Wednesday Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick, on behalf of the NEDS, hosted a Welcome Reception for D1 and D2 students at MOSDOH. Me and MDA staffers Stacey Hemmel and Halie Payne joined Jerri Wildhaber from MDIS, who sponsored the event, as we all made the drive to Kirksville. Dr. Fitzpatrick’s husband, Clint, is the club pro at the Kirksville Country Club so we happily invaded their event space. There was a solid turnout, good food and drink, and a brief opportunity to introduce ourselves and the MDA. We want them to know we care and are with them every step of their career. To help drive home a good impression we had some competition for cash and Benny Fitz t-shirts and playing cards. Clint even donated two rounds of golf. Students were selected in pairs and came up front for a rock/paper/scissors showdown. The loser picked out a shirt while the winner played MDA Plinko for a chance at different prizes. Lauren, our very first winner, hit the $100 cash jackpot and the lid came off the place! From there it was game on. We had three more $50 cash winners and a very intense round-robin tourney of 14 players to determine the winner of the golf passes. Turns out mighty Anna, who has never played but wants to learn the game, won the prize. Learning, competing, going for it—all good traits for future dentists. Stay tuned for how this plays out when we do the same thing with UMKC students in a few weeks.

Farewell Elisha

After eight and half years, Elisha Bonnot, graphic designer and web manager for MDA, is moving on. Her graphic design and t-shirt business, Queen B Graphics, has grown to the point she wants to give full attention to it. She’s also a sought-after softball pitching instructor who loves shaping the skills and competitive spirit of young players. Elisha has always been a pleasant face in the office with a solid work ethic. She made everything any of us needed look a whole lot better. We will miss her and her talents, but wish her the best! Elisha’s last day is August 9.

The Week Ahead

There’s a MOMOM follow-up trip to St. Louis on Wednesday and an EFDA training in Florissant on Friday at Dr. Steve Rosenberger’s Woodland Dental Care and the Mid-States Dental Conference begins Friday in Indianapolis.

Quote of the Week

“Welcome ever smiles, farewell goes out sighing.” – Bill Shakespeare

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