The Week That Was: July 4-8

All MOMOM, All the Time

While there is some significant behind-the-scenes work going on to help members understand and respond to the new increase in dental Medicaid reimbursement, all of my time and lots of time for many other MDA staff this week is focused on preparing for MOMOM next week. Our members answered the bell and we met our goal of 200 dentists. In total we have more than 715 volunteers coming together for another epic attempt to treat 1,000 or more patients in two days. I often say, give me a facility and 200 dentists and we can make MOMOM work. That’s because without dentists to provide the treatment all the other details don’t matter. Well, now that we have the dentists, all the other details are bearing down on us like a freight train.

The local team has rounded up donations and stepped into lead roles and worked to get the word out to both colleagues and patients. The facility has been great to work with as we prepare for the physical transformation from arena to 100-chair dental clinic. Our awesome partners have donated much in the way of equipment and supplies. And now, the MDA staff is putting all the finishing touches on packing, name badges, social media, signage and more. Thankfully, it looks like the weather forecast won’t be as hot. Now, it’s just a matter of execution – with an ample supply of energy, problem solving, patience and good humor from everyone. I know the MDAF Board, the local team and me are all super grateful for everyone’s contributions. Here’s to rewarding smiles for patients and volunteers!

The Week(s) Ahead

We will have some social media posts from MOMOM and a post clinic press release with results but this blog won’t post next Friday due to the clinic. Nor will it post the following week due to a vacation recovery plan by the author. Eventually there will be a MOMOM recap video plus a spread in the next Focus so don’t worry we will share the sights and sounds of this very unique and heartwarming event.

Quote of the Week

“Dream no small dreams for they stir not the hearts of men.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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