The Week That Was:

Your Advocacy Leads to Legislative Wins for MDA as Session Ends

Last Friday at 6pm the bell rang, the papers flew and the MDA largely triumphed. Yes, it was the end after a long and historically unproductive session. Despite a lot of bickering between chambers over other issues, Team Advocacy kept working until it found a creative way to get all but one of MDA’s legislative priorities passed. Who is Team Advocacy? Well, it starts with you, the member. Your engagement through PAC giving, staying informed, attending Dental Day at the Capitol and responding to VoterVoice alerts truly makes a difference. The team is also Jorgen Schlemeier, Olivia Wilson, Vicki Wilbers and Dr. Ron Wilkerson and his Legislative and Regulatory Committee. It’s kind of like a cake. Any one ingredient isn’t enough alone but put it all together and you have something sweet. I will ask you to explore the particulars by reading a recap. With so many changes and challenges to the profession of dentistry these days, I can’t overstate the importance of our experienced team and engaged members. Kudos to all!

BOT Keeps Step with New Marketing Efforts

On Monday of this week, many of the MDA board members were on a Zoom call with me and Melissa Albertson as we introduced them to two dynamic partners the MDA is engaging with to better connect with members as we move towards a digital transformation. In the modern world, immediate content is king. Research as shown that we must change how we deliver a lot of our content if we wish to stay fresh and relevant. High 5, a local company, has been massaging our message to early career dentists. This audience is essential to MDA’s future. The campaign still has a month or so to go but early analytics are encouraging. On a bigger scale, MDA is working with WorkerBeeTV as part of a pilot project with the ADA. They have a unique skill set and are helping us create and launch two digital platforms. One will be like a gathering spot for all the latest happenings that impact MDA members. Think short videos from legislative updates to member features. The other will provide solutions to your specific practice and professional needs. It’s been a lot of learning, but we are almost ready to launch. We look forward to growing it with member engagement. Based on the questions and feedback from board members on the call, there’s mutual excitement for this new direction. Stay tuned as even this blog may look different in the future.

Almost Time to Connect – For Success and for Cash

Margaritaville is in our sights! Two weeks from today we will be hip deep in exciting CE, colleague interaction and sunny fun lakeside. You can still register. And you can also still become a real boss and enter to win $1,500 cash by buying a $100 Connect4Cash raffle ticket to support the MDA Foundation. Get moving folks!

Not Your Ordinary Basement

After a hiatus of 3 years, MOMOM is back in just 8 weeks. We will be treating hundreds of patients at Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis on July 15-16, 2022. We need volunteers of all types to make it happen so please register today. The reward is in the smile. Part of the preparation is refreshing all the supplies and checking all the equipment. Thankfully we have a large basement room at the MDA to pull out inventory and prepare for loading and transport. I thought I would share a behind the scenes photo.

The Week Ahead

While there’s always something happening at the MDA, yours truly will be moving next Friday from his larger house of 20 years to a smaller house that is still being remodeled. I might be a wee bit busy and tired so the blog will go on hold for a week. Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Quote of the Week – A Book Title I Should Probably Read!

Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff – Declutter, Downsize and Move Forward with Your Life by Matt Paxton

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