The Week That Was December 13-17

Small Town Practice Gets Big Time Boost

Marketing your dental practice can take many forms from mailings to Facebook ads. Recently, MDA member, Dr. Nathan Suter, had a very unusual marketing opportunity when his Green Leaf Dental Care in House Springs, MO was mentioned in a small business segment on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. If you love “Lord of the Rings”, you will especially enjoy this snippet. Check out the 5:18 mark on the clip. Kudos to our celebrity dentist, Dr. Suter!

Dr. Deyton gets his Due

When you are the MDA Dentist of the Year, you have a lot of demands on your time. You may recall last fall when the Prize Patrol invaded the DHSS offices to inform Dr. Guy Deyton, State Dental Director, of this special recognition. The honor is celebrated further at the annual awards banquet at the House of Delegates. Unfortunately, Dr. Deyton was not able to attend and receive his plaque and be feted by his family and peers. So this week, Vicki Wilbers, went back to the hard working man’s office and presented the plaque in person. Congratulations again, Dr. Deyton!

Zooming into the Trustee Position

It’s the time of year when new component trustees begin their terms on the MDA board. While filling the position generally just requires desire and a love for organized dentistry, you can imagine there’s a lot to learn about the MDA structure, flow of the year, board policies, etc. Margie Kunze, MDA Governance Manager, is our secret weapon for making trustees comfortable and informed. This week Margie and Vicki arranged a Zoom orientation including MDA President, Dr. Tom Stone and our new trustees: Dr. Wendy Weimer for GKCDS and Dr. Jon Reagan for SWDS. Welcome aboard and thank you for stepping up to serve!

Hippie Hippie Holiday

When you have Stacey Hemmel and Jerri Wildhaber on your staff team, you know you are going to get a fantastic Christmas party. I spend a lot of time in the car with them and they plan incessantly for many months. This year’s theme was Hippie Holidays and it came complete with a best costume contest, great décor and some groovy music. This year spouses/guests were included and that allowed for some good costume combos like Forrest Gump and Jenny (Jerri and Jake Wildhaber), Sonny and Cher (Stacey and Paul Hemmel) and the grand prize winners, Moonbeam and Spirit (Paul and Leah Roberts). While their outfits were not one-of-a-kind thanks to Amazon (see the three amigos, Paul, Tooter and Brad), Moonbeam and Spirit’s presentation had a weird mushroom trippyness to it with their “Peace Ranch” description. The other big contest was a Newlywed-style game featuring Vicki and TooterWhitney and Ethan and Elisha and Travis. Some hilarious answers revealed that pairs don’t always know as much as they think they do about each other. In the end, Whitney and Ethan took home the gold. The party also had lottery ticket raffles and an elaborate gift exchange that kept everyone on their jealous toes. With lots of food and drink and a happy atmosphere of being together again, the night was a big success. We’ve given you a taste of the fantastic fun with the image below. See all the fun photos here.

The Week Ahead

We are cranking right up until the holiday with some communications reviews and last-minute details. The blog will take a two week break as everyone enjoys time away with their family and friends for the holidays. All of us at MDA and MDIS wish you and yours the merriest Christmas and a fulfilling New Year!

Quote of the Week

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” — Jimi Hendrix

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