The Week That Was: Special House Edition

Alphabet Soup for a Special Week – BOT, HOD, MDIS, ADA, FFT

Catching my breath after a super busy and important week in the MDA calendar! There were Board meetings and House of Delegate meetings and ADA dignitary visits and special celebrations and dental school trips and more! Let me try to take you inside and hit some highlights as we recap your Association’s business. I’ll focus more on the people than the business in this space.

  • Board of Trustees, Day 1 – It’s the transitional time of year where the BOT meets twice in three days as new officers and trustees take their seats. On Thursday, November 4, Dr. Rob Tait presided over his last meeting and we said farewell to GKCDC trustee, Dr. Jeremy Bowen and SWDS Trustee, Dr. Michael Patterson. Dr. Patterson was away with military commitments and Dr. Jon Reagan, the incoming trustee filled his space and got a big taste of the work ahead as the agenda covered dental board updates, House resolutions and other ongoing projects. We also recognized four staff members for milestone years of service to the MDA (55 total)! These include Melissa Albertson, Communications Director (20 years); Mandy Lewis, Meeting Manager (15 years); Denise Lehmen (10 years); and, yours truly, Paul Roberts (10 years). As someone aptly said, we work for the best association, serving the best members!
  • House of Delegates – The annual business meeting of the MDA is always a condensed time of business and great networking. After being virtual last year, there was a special buzz about being together this year. The actions were plentiful and you can scan lots of wonderful photos here.
    • Resolutions – the ‘meat’ of the meeting is the delegate discussion and voting on various resolutions. You can find a recap here, but my main observation is how important it is for members from across the state to express their opinions. This meeting of the minds from past presidents to current dental students reflects the family feel of the MDA. I highly encourage anyone to attend as a guest or delegate, and I thank all those who volunteer in various capacities to lead the MDA.
    • Speeches – It’s a rare occasion to gather like this and it makes for a good time to hear from those with unique leadership perspectives in both the MDA and ADA.
      • Dr. George Shepley, ADA President Elect, shared about the job in front of him and swore in our new officers: President, Dr. Tom Stone; President Elect, Dr. Jeremy Bowen; Treasurer Dr. Jon Copeland and Speaker, Dr. Lynne Barbour
      • Dr. Mike Medovic, Sixth District Trustee, gave a stirring speech about the need to welcome and include all members of all walks and practice models as the profession moves ahead
  • Celebrations – Who doesn’t enjoy a festive occasion? We had plenty to celebrate.
    • MDIS was celebrating 30 years of service to the MDA. They graciously sponsored the Awards Night. MDIS President, Dr. JC Standlee gave a historical retrospective of how this amazing member benefit was formed and has grown. The audience was stunned when Dr. Standlee presented a check for more than $4.7 Million representing the total dividends paid to the MDA, its Foundations and Local Components over the years. This non dues revenue is essential for the many program offerings for members. Thank you to all who have served on the MDIS Board and Staff!
  • Awards Night – A great time for family and colleagues to celebrate one another. We showed the Prize Patrol videos as we introduced each award winner.
    • Dr. Vince Rapini, Distinguished Service Award
    • Dr. Guy Deyton, Dentist of the Year
    • Dr. Ashley Meyer, New Dental Leader
    • Dr. Ron Wilkerson, Executive Director Award of Excellence
  • We also celebrated members with 10, 25 and 50 years of membership. Amazingly we had six 50 year members with us. What history these men have seen! Thank you for your service to the profession Drs. William Brown, Wayne Hawks, Robert Jarrett, John Killip, James Lamont, James Parrot and Joseph Spalitto.
  • And lastly we honored our tradition of presenting outgoing trustees and officers with pins and plaques commemorating their service. This included welcoming incoming President, Dr. Tom Stone. All of it was festive and encouraging. I love seeing the MDA family at its finest. Kudos to all!
  • Contests
    • We held a special one week “Big Hearts” fundraising contest for MODentPAC to determine the most generous component based on average donation size. The scale went back and forth before awarding Northeast Dental Society with the trophy. Overall more than 30 donors participated and $13,376 was raised for MODentPAC. No one is more generous than our members. Thank you!
  • Board of Trustees, Day 2 – On Saturday after the House closed its business, we have a quick Board meeting led by new President, Dr. Tom Stone. New trustee Dr. Jon Reagan represented Southwest Dental Society and new trustee, Dr. Wendy Weimer will step in to represent the Greater Kansas City Dental Society. Assignments were made to certain positions and committees  and now the real work begins. Keep up to speed at, on the MDA APP and here for progress reports.

Advocacy at UMKC

On Monday, MDA lobbyist, Olivia Wilson, was the featured speaker at an ASDA Lunch and Learn. Jerri and I went along to provide prizes and create continuity. Olivia gave a great, interactive presentation that both instructed and inspired the students. It’s great when our young professional lobbyist can directly relate to our young professional students. We were so impressed, we booked Olivia again for Kirksville next week!

The Week Ahead

Catch a breather and bask in this post. I will be back on November 19 with more news from two Food for Thoughts and much more.

Quote of the Week

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.” – Nelson Mandela

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