The Week That Was: May 10-14

A Busy Legislative Session Concludes and a Question to Ponder

Tonight at 6pm the Missouri General Assembly concludes its 2021 Legislative Session. As usual, it will be a rush to the finish followed by the celebratory toss of papers in the air. Next week’s Capitol Connection and in the upcoming Focus will have a thorough recap of the MDA agenda and the state of the environment moving forward, which likely will include more than one Special Session called by Governor Parson. You can digest all the facts for yourself.

I’m more casual observer than political pundit. But here’s what I observe and ponder about the effort put forth in advocacy.

There’s considerable work accomplished by the Legislative and Regulatory Committee chaired by a very engaged, Dr. Ron Wilkerson. There’s endless calls and planning and mid-course corrections. There’s committee hearings and testimony. There’s research and relationship building. There’s joy and heartache. Plus the PAC committee is raising funds to help us maintain the connections and support that underlie the MDA’s strong reputation.

A considerable amount of time and other resources are spent lobbying and reporting to members. Our contracted lobby team of Jorgen Schlemeier and Olivia Wilson are respected and vigilant at their post. We use Zoom and VoterVoice to engage and demonstrate member support.

MDA Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers, has to be on top of all of it in order to best serve the entire membership. Let’s just say it’s a lot.

And what does it get us in the end? It depends on how you determine the end. Seemingly frustrated at the moment, but experience tells us key issues often take years to push through. That’s hard to do in an environment in constant flux and filled with many seeking to exert power.

So why do it … and here’s the question to ponder: What would life look like if we didn’t? Would your profession be valued? Would you feel protected and represented for the considerable personal investment you have made to provide needed healthcare to Missouri citizens?

Half the battle is showing up, and boy, does the MDA ever show up ready to fight. It can be a rough and costly journey at times, but one worth taking. So whatever your personal analysis is of the MDA’s current advocacy status, please stay engaged with support. Your profession depends on it.

The Week Ahead

May is busy with weddings, graduations, holidays, etc. Plus I see some vacation time on the calendar for various folks. Accordingly, without any sizzle to report, the blog will take a week off as well. But we will be back with updates, photos and some cheeky comments to keep life light.

Quote of the Week

“All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” – Edward Burke

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