The Week That Was: March 29-April 2

Not Barred from Boards

Last Saturday, the D4s at UMKC SOD took their board exams. MDA Team Travel is usually there to show support and provide lunch. COVID-19 and schedule conflicts put that at risk this year. That’s until some creatively planning and a willing crew filled the void. Jerri Wildhaber at MDIS made all the arrangements in advance to have an approved box lunch delivered. And then GKCDS President, Dr. Wendy Weimer, and GKCDS ED, Sam Silvey, made it a priority in their schedule to swing by and oversee the distribution and provide some moral support for our future dentists. I’m sure it was the boost students needed to get those gears moving again. Thanks to all, including Richie Bigham and the folks at UMKC for working to find an acceptable substitute to our usual plan.

Vaccinator Survey Says (shout out to all you Family Feud fans)

On a monthly call with the ADA Leadership, several updates were provided including the response to the question of the week asking “Are you currently providing the COVID-19 vaccines anywhere?” Turns out only 3% of private practice dentists across the country said yes. That number goes up a bit when you focus on oral surgeons and public health dentists. What say you? Is anybody out there in Missouri providing the vaccine in their office. If so, kudos for following all the requirements and taking the effort to procure and manage the vaccine doses.

Membership Insights Say

Today marks the end of Q1 and the cut-off date for 2021 membership. Here in Missouri all the components focused on a non-renew calling campaign and collectively lowered our non-renews by 34%. We are still about 20 higher than our average at this date over the last four years. Our market share is 58.4% compared to 59.2% last year at this point. We were curious to see how COVID-19 would altar people’s response to our very excellent membership value proposition. All I can say is that membership is valuable and it takes a thorough effort by all to maintain the advantages and influence the MDA provides for your profession. A sincere thanks to the hard work by our volunteer component leaders. On the national level, the ADA broke out membership market share by age group and mentioned the need to focus on growing several key segments including among diverse members.

Entertainers? Maybe. World class people? Definitely.

Yesterday I had the privilege of viewing possible sites for the next MOMOM as we have an eye toward returning to St. Louis in 2022. With me were Drs. Dean Telthorst and Claire Williams as well as GSLDS staff, Meg Stagina and Susan Prosperi. It felt like old times as we kicked the tires and tried to imagine how each facility would best provide for all the needs of a MOMOM clinic. No news to report until everything is under contract, but there is some excitement on the horizon.

The Week Ahead

The MDA office is closed today for Good Friday, and I am out of the office most of the week on a personal trip so the MDA business continues—just without me. I see that both CDS and NEDS have component meetings so if you live in those boundaries, be sure to check them out. Engagement brings the most from your membership.

Quote of the Week to Ponder

Much fullness can come from emptiness.

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