The Week That Was: November 2-6

First Ever Virtual House of Delegates is a Success

Today was quite the day for the MDA House of Delegates. After months of planning and practice,  everyone performed beautifully to pull off the annual governance meeting of the MDA. I saw more than 100 participants on the Zoom. While things could never be as personal (and fancy) as our usual gatherings in Jefferson City, it was still an impressive display of communication. We had the Pledge of Allegiance. We were able to hear from the new ADA President, Dr. Daniel Klemmedson and the new Sixth District Trustee, Dr. Medovic. Our wonderful outgoing president, Dr. Michael Berry, gave a fitting farewell address after one unforgettable year at the helm. Then we ratified the next crop of MDA leaders. Congrats to President, Dr. Rob Tait, President Elect, Dr. Tom Stone, Treasurer, Dr. Jon Copeland and Speaker, Dr. Lynne Barbour. Dr Tait gave his address proudly adorned in Chiefs apparel. Go Chiefs!

Perhaps more impressive was the way the Reference Committee, chaired by Dr. Wendy Weimer, handled discussion on resolutions. It was orderly, clear and still full of the awesome passion our members bring to issues. I love hearing the pros and cons from our diverse members as they respectfully work toward the MDA’s best future.

At the conclusion of this new one-day, virtual format, we announced the winners of the two virtual fundraisers. For MODentPAC, we had 30 donors give a total of $9,225. This contest was between KC, STL and Greater Missouri. The prize is bragging rights and the first ever “Show Me the Money” Trophy. In third place was the Greater Kansas City Dental Society. In second place was the Greater St. Louis Dental Society. And the winner of the Show Me the Money Trophy is Greater Missouri. They donated a total of $7,675. Congrats!

For the Dental Well Being Foundation, we had 18 donors give a total of $2,075. This was a prize raffle. We drew two winners from among 102 total entries. The winner of the Smartphone Photo Printer was Dr. Mary Burke. The winner of the UVC Sterilizing Case was Dr. Phil Batson. Many thanks to all our generous members for their support of these vital parts of the MDA.

Finally, a big salute to Dr. Lynne Barbour, Speaker of the House, for her fine leadership. Thank you to all the delegates who gave of their time, did their homework and complied with the rules. You are essential to the MDA’s  success. And kudos to Vicki Wilbers, ED, Margie Kunzie, Governance Manager, Stacey Hemmel, Zoom administrator, and all the MDA staff for their hard work and expertise in uncomfortable conditions that made this meeting a success. You all should enjoy the weekend sunshine with a sense of pride.

Board Turnover

Yesterday the MDA Board met as they traditionally do before the House. This is typically when a few seats turnover. This was the last Board meeting for Past President, Dr. Dan Kessler and for GSLDS Trustee, Dr. Earl Larson. Dr. Berry will become past president and Dr. Tait will assume the gavel as president with Dr. Tom Stone at his side as president-elect. We welcomed Dr. Lori Roseman as the new GSLDS Trustee.

Another Note of Sunshine

When we learn of baby news, we love to share it. Earlier this week, Dr. Fallon Stiens, NWDS President, gave birth to precious Tori Monroe. All are doing well. Welcome, future dentist!

The Week Ahead

It looks to be exciting with a MODentPac Board meeting, a Food for Thought Zoom with dental students, plenty of follow up from the HOD and advance work for the legislative session. Who knows, we might even learn who the new U.S. President is.

Quote of the Week

Comfort is the enemy of achievement. – Farrah Gray

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