The Week That Was: October 26-30

Better Than the Postman

The post office crew usually gets the credit for not letting bad weather delay their delivery. Well, this week it was MDA who should get the credit. On Monday, during the first snowy day of the fall, Stacey and I traveled undeterred to the north to share some welcome love with the MOSDOH Class of 2024. Usually they are feted by the Northeast Dental Society  at a welcome reception in September, complete with cocktails, games and prizes. Stupid COVID has kept everyone off campus for the most part. Thankfully, we had approval during a 15 minute window to be outside and quickly pass out Chick Fil A meals as students left an exam. It’s hard to share a smile through a mask but we did our best to let them know who we are and how the MDA can help them from now through retirement. We added a little Halloween candy to the mix as well. Feedback was brief but positive. The NEDS members foot the bill for this better late than never welcome to future members. Besides, when was the last time the postman brought you Chick Fil A?

Fundraiser Launches Competitive Juices

As I mentioned last week, two virtual fundraisers began this Wednesday. One is a component battle to benefit MODentPAC. The winning team secures the first annual Show Me the Money Trophy. The other is a raffle to benefit the Dental Well Being Foundation. Anyone can (and should) participate by donating here. The contest runs through noon next Friday. As of this Friday morning, here are the latest updates in the battle between Kansas City, St Louis and Everyone else.

Kansas City$50
St Louis$400
Greater Missouri  $625      
Raffle tickets sold for DWBF48

Best Practices
On Wednesday, Vicki, Stacey and I were on an ADA webinar for society staff across the country. It was an opportunity to share best practices since we all work in the same industry.  I like to think Missouri leads the pack in good ideas and indeed, we were recognized by others for our ideas with the video eNews, MDA Virtual CE offerings and the creative Prize Patrol. But it was stimulating to see what some other states are doing in areas like texting, job postings and PPE distribution. Stronger together is something we tout for MDA membership but the same principle applies at the national level. It’s a privilege to associate with some really sharp people.

Here Comes the House
After our national duty and privilege to vote on Tuesday, November 3, next week is all about the MDA House of Delegates. For the first time it will be held virtually and that is no small feat to pull off. Kudos to the staff here and any others who have “trained” to be ready to conduct official business. It’s sad not to be together–especially after such a difficult year but the show goes on and I salute the efforts of our many volunteers leaders and delegates for making it happen. Watch all the MDA news channels for updates–including this blog.

Have a Happy Halloween and Remember to Vote!

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