The Week That Was: October 19-23

ADA Wraps Up Virtual Annual Session

While no one was able to enjoy a trip to Orlando, the ADA officers and staff alongside your Missouri delegates and interested members everywhere still conducted their annual business meeting virtually. It’s hard to provide action photos, but here’s a brief recap. Dr. Daniel Klemmedson was installed as ADA President. You may recall he joined us in person at last year’s House of Delegates. Our very own Sixth District Trustee, Dr. Roy Thompson, campaigned gallantly for the ADA President-Elect role. Getting to know Dr. Thompson over the past few years had us cheering hard for him. He’s an excellent leader and a very kind person. Alas, the position went to Dr. Cesar Sabates from Florida. To his credit, Dr. Sabates is a UMKC graduate and we wish him the best. Replacing Dr. Thompson as our Sixth District Trustee is Dr. Michael Medovic from West Virginia. Good luck to him as he serves our district. And while we are saluting new leaders, let’s not forget MDA’s own, Dr. Vince Rapini, who is now ADA First Vice President. These leadership roles require great sacrifice and we thank all who desire to step up and serve the profession.

In addition to elections, the ADA passed a deficit budget requiring some reliance on reserves. The response to COVID was a financial hit for all, including the ADA. They did pass a $8 dues increase to keep up with inflation and to help counter the deficit. It’s no small feat to run a $125M+ organization during a pandemic. I admire the courage and resourcefulness of all those making the decisions. Other topics of interest were a big discussion on third party payers, several new endorsements to benefit members and news about next year’s SmileCon gathering in Las Vegas. Do your own deep dive on the annual meeting here.

Pride, Prizes and Performance on the line with Fundraiser Campaigns

It is with mixed feelings that I announce this. Usually we do these events at the MDA House of Delegates, and I really enjoy rubbing shoulders and twisting arms as we have fun raising money for MODentPAC and the Dental Well Being Foundation. While I will miss the lively interaction, I am delighted to be able to open this to the whole membership. The online donation campaign kicks off next Wednesday, October 28 and runs until noon November 6 on the last day of the virtual MDA House of Delegates. You have two options, and I hope you can support both. The first is a pride competition between components to see how many new dollars we can raise for PAC as we restock the war chest. The second is to buy raffle tickets to support the DWBF programs while having a chance at two cool prizes. These awesome groups rely on member generosity to thrive so open the wallets and challenge others to join you.

The Pumpkin People Have Spoken

What’s more democratic than a vote of the people to determine which MDA/MDIS staffer created the most appealing pumpkin? Voting ended yesterday, and congrats to Stacey for first place with Cookie Monster! Jerri came in a close second with Humpty Dumpty! And in a tie for third were Vicki and Whitney with their creations! Thanks for voting and supporting the arts.

The Week Ahead

As I type, several MDA leaders are listening to the Missouri Dental Board meeting. On Monday, Stacey and I are heading to Kirksville to deliver free food to the D1s. I also see lots of component-related activities, including Greater St. Louis Dental Society’s annual business meeting on Thursday and SWDS virtual OSHA course next Friday.

Quote of the Week

Giving opens the door for receiving. – Florence Scovel Shinn

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