The Week That Was: October 12-16

The Main Event — ADA Virtual Annual Session

Last night the 2020 ADA Annual Session kicked off for the first time virtually. It’s a sad loss for many of our members who look forward to fun travel to an exciting city (this year, Orlando) for the yearly smorgasbord of speakers, exhibits, governance and of course, social gatherings. However, the virus will not win, and the ADA does go on. You can check it all out here. This year, more than ever, it might be good to monitor the vibe of the greater dental community. Plus there’s lots to learn and see.

Major news broke last night during the opening session with reports that the ADA is inviting “dentists to meet, play, learn and smile during SmileCon, its reimagined annual meeting scheduled for October 10-13, 2021, at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.” Dental professionals all have “smiles” in common, said Dr. Letitia Edwards, American Student Dental Association liaison to the Advisory Committee on Annual Meetings for ADA FDC 2020. “You and your teams work so hard to care for them, and we think you should be rewarded with something that makes you smile — and our reimagined meeting will do just that.” The article reports that the “meeting will be built around participants, emphasizing their experiences and desires.” Registration for SmileCon will open in late spring 2021.

Exercise Your Right to Vote — for the Best Pumpkin!

Everywhere you turn, you see people encouraging people to register to vote and rightly so. Democracy works best with full engagement. Please apply that same principle and consider visiting here to vote for your favorite pumpkin in the MDA/MDIS staff contest. Voting ends October 22. Major pride and a $50 prize are on the line. There’s something for everyone so take a look and cast your vote. Next week we will announce the winner in this space.

The Week Ahead

More of the same with ADA and Pumpkin voting. Plus a healthy dose of usual work as we plan for our own virtual annual session and several other events.

Quote of the Week

Let’s give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.” — My apologies to Bonnie Rait.

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