The Week That Was: October 5-9

NEDS & NWDS Meeting Wrap ups

The blog went to press last week when these meetings were in process. Thank you to all attending members for helping to make the MDA and the local components run smoothly. Thanks also to our sponsors and CE providers. Here are a few notes of interest to explain the photos. Love seeing our member’s faces!

  • MDA President, Dr. Mike Berry, presents plaque to outgoing NEDS President, Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Berry swears in the new NEDS officers, President, Dr. William Marshall; President-Elect, Dr. Adrienne Lynn; Treasurer, Dr. Mike Berry; and, Program Coordinator, Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick presents MDA Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Joel Pratt
  • MDA President-Elect, Dr. Rob Tait, presents plaque to NWDS President, Dr. Fallon Stiens
  • Dr. Tait swears in new NWDS officers, President, Dr. Fallon Stiens; Vice President, Dr. Andrew Cox and Treasurer, Dr. Jeffrey Gardner

MDA at Night Food for Thought Kicks Off  

The insipid virus threw cold water on our traditional plans to bring lunch to dental students this fall, but we knew the show must go on so we created MDA at Night and hosted our first webinar, where 100 students from all three Missouri campus sites joined to hear Drs. Emily Mattingly and Trey Kalbaugh share about being in practice during COVID-19. They asked good questions and stayed until the end when we spun the Wheel of Winners and gave out 10 prizes. Congrats to Chad Phillips, Olivia Hart, Ryan Greenway, Charlie Boehm, Sanghee Choi, Lena Adams, Tyle Hook, Julie LIncicum, Anh Nguyen and Dev Patel. Also everyone on the call got a $10 Amazon credit, thanks to our sponsor and partner in outreach, MDIS. It was a great start and we will do it again next month on November 11.

Put My Money Where My Mouth Is

My last visit to the dentist was March 10, less than a week before full shutdown. Little did I know what would transpire between then and now. This week I went back to Dr. Matt Gassen’s office for the first time. I was curious to see the new protocols in play. I had to call from the car upon arrival. I was met at the door to answer questions and sign a form as my temperature was taken. All employees were double masked. As always, the operatory was whistle clean and high-volume suction was used. My wonderful hygienist, Melissa, did a great job making me feel safe. She noted how well the office staff had held each other accountable to follow protocol, which she appreciated because she’s expecting and has a small child at home. When Dr. Gassen checked me out (all was fine BTW; my teeth are healthy!), I quizzed him about his journey as a solo practice owner. He said he applied for the PPP and EIDL Loans and found them to be straightforward. While he had some early issues securing appropriate PPE, all was running well now. He greatly appreciated the consolidated resources of the MDA and ADA. Overall the optimism, adaptability and professionalism was just what I expected because I know our members are resilient. It hasn’t been easy, but you find a way forward. I left feeling safe, informed and delighted to have healthy teeth.

Pumpkin Voting is Now Open

For our MDA/MDIS October Team Building activity, we had a pumpkin decorating contest! Now, we need you, our Facebook followers, to CHOOSE the winner! Each “LIKE” (or LOVE) of an image will count as a vote. Therefore, even if you like several, please ONLY “like/love” the ONE pumpkin you want to win! Voting begins NOW and ends at 10am on Thursday, October 22! But don’t just look at them here, head over to Facebook to vote (you can find the post pinned to the top of the page)! We hope you enjoy voting as much as we enjoyed the challenge!

The Week Ahead

Team Travel (Stacey, Jerri and I) will safely hit the road to offer a belated welcome to the Kirksville ATSU D1s and give them a free Chick-fil-A lunch. Also the big virtual ADA Annual meeting kicks off. Should be interesting!

Quote of the Week

The man with a toothache thinks everyone happy whose teeth are sound. —George Bernard Shaw

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