The Week That Was: September 14-18

Prize Patrol Strikes Again

The MDA Prize Patrol was back on the road Tuesday as we delivered a sneak attack on Shantel (Smith) Dooling, winner of the MDA 2020 Legislative Excellence Award. You’ll recognize Shantel from her years at the MDA. Since last June she’s married and changed jobs, opening up her eligibility for this award. After reviewing other choices, the Board  saw Shantel’s consistent hard work on behalf of dentists and her role in helping pass the MDA legislative agenda for three years, which made Shantel a clear choice for this honor. Watch the full reveal video (and see more pics). We now have just two more award surprises to go so keep watching until the end of the month for more videos from the Prize Patrol.

Virtual Virtuosos Make Sixth District Meeting a Reality

Association governance is fundamental to success. The mechanics of it are not always sexy and therefore don’t get the same attention as some other stories and our volunteer leaders. However, I find this story interesting. The MDA belongs to the ADA’s Sixth District along with Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee. Before the ADA Annual Session each year, one of these states host a meeting for the others so they can review resolutions, hear from officer candidates and get up to speed on the latest issues. This year was Missouri’s time to host. It’s one thing to abandon all the plans for an onsite gathering. It’s a totally separate thing to configure this gathering into a virtual event that allows for breakout rooms, testimony on resolutions and voting. Getting all the main players (most of whom are out of state) properly educated on the technology is no small feat. This afternoon, it all comes together. Let’s hope for the world’s best internet and WiFi! Anyway, big kudos to MDA staff, Margie, Stacey, Denise and others who pioneered this event from thin air. As they say, the show must go on!

The Week Ahead

There’s an EFDA course in St. James tomorrow. The ASDA students at UMKC are hosting a Fever Week and it launches on Monday with MDA member Dr. Katie Oatman sharing her journey. The MDA Foundation finance committee meets Tuesday ahead of the full board meeting next Friday. SEDS has a golf tourney and component business meeting on Friday. And the Prize Patrol will be roaming the state again with more surprises. Plus MDA staff Elisha Bonnot and Stacey Hemmel are celebrating birthdays. Looks to be quite a week!

Quote of the Week

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. — F. Scott Fitzgerald

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