The Week That Was: August 10-14

Pick Your Favorite WHO Pun, But Know the MDA Disagrees

The World Health Organization (WHO) provided the tumult this week when they suggested patients avoid routine dental care for the time being because of a greater risk to Coronavirus transmission. Not only was this unsupported, it was blood in the water for media outlet sharks who love controversy. You know firsthand how much care and effort you have put in re-imaging your practice and wading through endless resources to safely reopen and provide excellent care for your patients. To see that effort threatened rather recklessly is disheartening. Thankfully the ADA and MDA took swift action to strongly disagree and once again protect the essential function of dentistry wile assuring the public that extreme measures are being taken in local dental offices for the safety of all. Times like these are evidence of the need for a professional organization like our tripartite. Hopefully this blows over in the news cycle. Meanwhile you can join me in suggesting your favorite pun headline for this story.

  • Horton Hears A Misguided WHO
  • WHO do you think you are?
  • Guess WHO Guessed Wrong?
  • Not WHO Again

V is for Vicki Video Victory

The pandemic has forced new ways of doing business on all of us. That’s not always bad as it allows time to slow down and re-evaluate how and why we do things. One of the many adaptations we have made at the MDA is more use of video. This includes your executive director, Vicki Wilbers, launching our eNews communication email with a video segment. I have found this refreshing. You get to hear and see our leader hit the high points of the news. It’s more personal. It allows for tone. It’s easier to consume. All our content is still first-rate, but we get that reading takes time and focus and is harder to retain. So we’ve repackaged the eNews to allow some connection with members and put into context how to navigate the stories and links that mean most to you. Who knows how it will develop from here. We welcome your ideas.

Webinar Brain

Looking at the week, I spent considerable time watching webinars on racial justice, diversity, Medicaid and PAC fundraising. I know other staff had webinars about ADAPT, COVID relief and more. They are expanding our knowledge base a little and sparking some ideas as we look at our strategic plan and our mission to help all members succeed. What will be the end product? I’m not sure. But stimulation from listening to experts and other perspectives is always helpful.

The Week Ahead

Besides continued webinars, we have two exciting staff events. On Tuesday we will share lunch together and reveal our Secret Santas to each other. This mid-year gift-giving exchange is a fun pick-me-up for all. Little gifts go a long way. In fact I hope to hit one of my gift (golf balls) a long way  later today. On Thursday, Olivia Wilson, the new contracted legislative liaison for the MDA, will be in the office to introduce herself to staff and discuss her job duties.

Quote of the Week

The American Dental Association (ADA) respectfully yet strongly disagrees with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation to delay “routine” dental care in certain situations due to COVID-19.

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