The Week That Was: August 3-7

COVID be damned! We have reasons to celebrate!

In this everything-is-different-world, the MDA is staying on mission to help all members succeed.  This goes beyond the well resourced emails and links that connect you to practical solutions. We had some good feedback this week on another major priority of the MDA—recruitment and retention.

Strong membership numbers are the lifeblood of any association. On the recruitment side, it’s vital we reach our dental students while we are in school to help create some awareness and loyalty after graduation. The local components in Kansas City, Kirksville and St. Louis along with Team Travel (me, Stacey Hemmel and Jerri Wildhaber) usually have a full plate of fall activities ranging from D1 welcome receptions to Food for Thought lunches. It keeps us hopping on the highway. Or it did until COVID. So we put our minds together, consulted with student leaders and developed a new plan, including a video contest!

You can check it all out here including a video summary from yours truly. A UMKC official responded, “Great job!  You guys have some good ideas on ways to keep engaged virtually.” And our long-time ADA Client Services rep, Jeannine, added, “It’s sooooo good!  I may have you all present about a best practice on this!”. It gets me fired up! Let’s all remember to be as welcoming as possible when we encounter dental students. You all remember being there. Plus, they are the MDA’s future.

The retention side of the equation = YOU. The staff can and will pull out all the stops to make membership valuable and easy to access for all dentists. However, nothing replaces the power of a colleague asking a colleague to join the MDA. It helps you affirm the value you have discovered. It makes it more welcoming to someone with hesitation or lack of exposure to all we offer. And it builds a broader base for the profession statewide. Regardless of location, gender or practice model, it makes a difference when you crow about the MDA. This week, for the first time in years, we learned that we had TWO components with 100% membership. A big salute to NEDS and NWDS and their leaders and members for a job well done!

The Week Ahead

Another quiet week for the most part, but I will join in two webinars on the topic of capacity building in the current environment. I hope to learn more about race issues and increasing diversity in the MDA. There is room for everyone!

Quote of the Week

Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” — Mattie Stepanek

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