The Week That Was: July 27-31

Planning in Ambiguity

No one escapes the shadow of COVID. I’m sure you feel the interruption to your familiar cadence at your practice. Research says 90%+ of dentists are back to work at about 75% of pre-COVID patient volume. That’s better than being closed, but even so, it all just feels different. Sports, the economy, a return to school—everything is jumbled and uncertain. Here at the MDA office it’s not much different. We are still working hard to assist members and deliver value, but the delivery method is changing. As such, we had a big staff powwow this week to review the traditional MDA calendar and stretch our thinking to figure out how to best connect with members.

Zoom seems to be the tool of the day. While it falls short in personal connection, it does allow for business and events to continue. Current challenges require us to be proactive in order to stay relevant. We are assembling a plan to remain your No. 1 asset in organized dentistry. You’ll see more video and Zoom use. You also see some new offerings and engagement opportunities. In fact, for some, it will be easier to take advantage of opportunities when costs are reduced and travel is not necessary. I certainly hope the routine mechanics of Zoom doesn’t keep anyone from staying connected and growing in the profession. We all mourn the loss of the familiar—and struggle with fear of uncertainty—so we must stay together. You can have confidence that the MDA is adapting to make that possible. In the meantime, stay safe and be honest about the challenges and the stress of your current situation. I recently pinned three articles that I thought were superb resources. They and much more can be found here.

The Week Ahead

More of the same as we try to execute the plan. One fun project is creating a video to share with the 650 dental students in the state to inform them about our virtual events this fall. In fact, they include a student video competition where students have 2 minutes to creatively tell us why “The MDA Rocks”. We are giving $1,000 cash to the winning team. This fall we will share entries that should keep us all smiling and feeling good about the MDA and the future.

Quote of the Week

Goodbye, July. Hello, August. Has anyone seen the familiar?

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