The Week That Was: June 22-26

Zoom for the Brain

Yesterday was the big finale for our virtual June events. We had strong participation for our last Connect4Success offering which featured CE on endodontics from MDA member, Dr. Erick Jansson. If you missed any of the three events, as a member you or your dental team can register to watch them for free here. Non-members can do the same for $50. In addition to great CE, each session features updates from MDA leaders and info from our supportive vendors. Plus you can see who won the Ninja blenders and gift cards. It pays to  participate live. This whole virtual approach was a new and unique way to connect as the MDA family, and we hope you enjoyed it.

Zoom for the Bank!

Immediately following the CE, we held the long-anticipated Connect4Cash countdown raffle benefiting the MDA Foundation. We tried to make a lively cocktail hour with some suspense and fun. There was serious trash talking from the host (who is that bum?). A total of 58 people bought 100 tickets and prayed for the best as we eliminated people one by one until only the grand champion survived. Congrats to the big winners! Dr. Lynne Barbour (NEDS) had 2 of the final 10 numbers and won $1,800. She’s been an ardent supporter of the Foundation for years and finally hit the jackpot. Dr. Emily Mattingly (NWDS) was runner up with $700. Dr. Ron Wilkerson (CDS), last year’s champ, got lucky again and won $500. The ladies and the small components proved that it just takes one lucky number to be a winner. In fact, we gave out 41 prizes in total and raised more than $8,000 for the Foundation thanks in part to the generous support from our components, MDA, MDIS, Crest Oral B, Essential Dental Supply, Heldebrandt Consulting and MedPro. I’ll be able to capture those winning smiles whenever we are allowed to gather again. There’s just nothing like a cash grin. Be sure to join us next year for C4$!

Return of Road Warriors

For the first time since March I had the chance to travel to a dental-related event. Jerri from MDIS and I went to UMKC to provide lunch during board exams. These are usually held in April on live patients. Due to the virus, they just now got everything lined out to take exams on manikins. It felt great to walk into campus and cheer on these new dentists. We got to speak to nearly half of them and encourage their next steps into organized dentistry on the other side of the license. You can tell from the photos that things were different but it still felt good to be having direct connection with members.

The Week Ahead

Looks like a quiet office week for four days before we close on Friday in honor of Independence Day. Enjoy your hard-won liberty!

Quote of the Week

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king!

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