The Week That Was: June 15-19

An Abundance of Virtual Assistance

Last night was week two of our virtual Connect4Success events. We had a lively panel discussion on practice management issues since the arrival of COVID. I’m no Wolf Blitzer, but I felt like it as I pitched questions and rode herd on the time clock. MDA members, Drs. Mike Berry, Jon Copeland and Megan Lenahan gave great, practical input from the front lines. MDA Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers, talked loans and PPE; and, Jerri Wildhaber from MDIS fielded questions on insurance issues. It was like a master class. Thanks to all for their time. If anyone missed this or any of these sessions you can sign up to see them on demand? Next week we wrap it up with a clinical presentation on endodontics with Dr. Erick Jansson. You can still sign up, but hurry. We limit it to 100.

MOMOM on the Shelf

This title has two meanings. Sadly, we had to put the MOMOM clinic on the shelf for 2020 due to safety concerns with the virus. But I’ve also been working to put MOMOM supplies back on the shelf. This required a deep inventory dive and the creation of a new tracking process. Thankfully I had the help of volunteers, Frances Wilmes and her husband, Wayne. You probably know Frances from infection control seminars or from helping with sterilization at MOMOM clinics. Poor Wayne got pulled into the vortex by extension, but I’m glad he did, and he was a very valuable extra set of hands. Beyond gratitude for the help, I’m amazed that volunteers would drive 3 hours, stay overnight and work so industriously for the good of the clinic. All they got in return is lunch at Longhorns. The Wilmes’ are a great example and reminder of the spirit that makes MOMOM so contagious and successful. As another benefit from this process, we will be able to donate some expiring supplies to local clinics. This is a small way to keep the flame alive until we can load all this on a truck and once again gather to help our neighbors.

The Week Ahead

After the last C4S session, we will crown our third annual Connect4Cash winner next Thursday night. Someone will go to be $1,500 richer. Will it be you? It won’t be if you don’t have a ticket. As of this writing, less than 15 remained. Also I see that some limited travel returns. Today, I know Mandy Lewis is in Kansas City for an EFDA course at Weimer Dental. Next week Jerri and I go to UMKC to provide lunch at board exams. I miss the students a ton and can’t wait to hear about their crazy journey since COVID. Lots more of the usual work on tap for next week as well.

Quote of the Week

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together” – Desmond Tutu

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