The Week That Was: May 4-8


Guess Who’s Back?

Hopefully, you are. I know everyone’s situation is different based on many factors but the heart attitude is the same “we just want to be back seeing and helping our patients”.  You know who never left? The MDA. Your Board leadership and staff have been hustling to answer your questions and deliver helpful resources when every day is different than the next. It’s been like rafting white water with a blindfold on and only one paddle. You don’t have much control but you can feel yourself hurdling forward even when the course is never exactly as planned and there’s often surprises that splash you in the face.  Still, there’s pride in surviving and confidence to tackle the next set of rapids. The cultural refrain. “we are in this together” is very apt for the dental profession and has once again proven the value and power of membership. To all of you we say, “Welcome Back, Doc!”

This blog is also back after a 6-week hiatus. A light-hearted social tone often based on travels throughout the state just didn’t seem to fit when events have been canceled left and right and uncertainty and fear rushed into our collective quarantined state. The MDA has produced so much good content and links that regurgitating that in this space seemed unnecessary. But with MDA staff trading their home offices for the familiar haunts of 3340 American Drive this week, I thought it good to revive the discipline of sharing some news and anecdotes. Feel free to provide me with some stories and photos from your time at home.

Farewell, Shantel Smith, MDA Legislative and Regulatory Director

Breaking news yesterday from Executive Director, Vicki Wilbers: Shantel gave her resignation this week. Her last day at MDA will be May 22, 2020. She will be headed to the Missouri State Medical Association to carry out their legislative activities. Although she will be missed for her dedication and often tenacious activity for the association on the legislative front, we will now have a dental advocate and friend at MSMA, an entity we collaborate with on many areas. Thanks Shantel for your three years of great service to the MDA. We wish you well.  I know you join us in these sentiments.

The New Vocabulary

COVID-19. Case Totals. Second Wave. Social Distancing. Stay at Home. Zoom. Home Schooling. Testing. Vaccine. Webinars. PPP. PPE. SBA. CDC. OSHA.  On and on it goes. No one likes it –especially without sports and the ability to be together. Still, we march on and will rely on some phrases that never go out of style like “it’s going to get better” “we appreciate you” “thanks for caring” “I’m sorry for your struggles”.  These words will help us return smiles to faces which is what dentists do best.

The Week Ahead

Your MDA Board of Trustees will handle their next official meeting on Friday, May 15. It will be via Zoom for the first time in history as far as I know. Innovation is required in unusual times. Plus they’ve got work to do to keep the association moving forward.

Quote of the Week

On the other side of the storm is the strength that comes from navigating through it. Raise your sail and begin.” – Gregory Williams

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