The Week That Was: March 23-27

Membership Matters!

So here we are at the end of another week. Who knew you could be so mentally tired working from home? I’ve watched more webinars in one week than I normally do in half a year. The onslaught of critical information is hard to digest and organize when it changes frequently. I’ve been proud to be part of the tripartite team during this pandemic. ADA has been awesome at the national level tracking legislation, policy updates, helpful resources and more. They are such a well-led and professional team. They have the tools and qualified people to research and message effectively and in a timely manner. At the state level, I never doubted the skills and dedication of our MDA staff team to figure out how to best aid you, the member. It hasn’t been easy, but Vicki’s leadership and a seasoned team have found a way. On a Board call, I saw how in touch your trustees were with local information and how concerned they were for members across the state. Nobody is saying this is easy. Thankfully we are in it together. Membership feels very tangible right now.

Give and Take

We need to do both in this season. Giving can take many different forms and has a profound effect on our spirits. Many of you have donated PPE supplies. Thank you! I was able to drop off some masks and gloves to local healthcare entities and I received a very sincere expression of gratitude.


Other giving comes in small expressions of appreciation. Some are seeing emergency patients at some risk, but with great compassion. Others are watching out for their teams and families. Even prayer is a great way to give something positive during this tough season. However you are giving, keep it up and thank you!

But it’s okay to take as well. Unprecedented times take an emotional and financial toll on all of us. Take a moment to breathe. Take a moment for self-care. Take advantage of all manner of resources ranging from SBA loans to practice management tips to wellbeing tools and much more. You might even take in a webinar. This is not a news site so I will simply recommend and if you haven’t found them yet. Also, take advantage of your membership and call your trustee or the MDA staff, we want to help you.

The Week Ahead

More Zoom. More news. More progress toward a flat curve. And welcome to April. We need your blooms!

Quote of the Week

Brilliant things happen in calm minds. Be calm. You’re brilliant.

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