The Week That Was: March 16-20

In It Together

Amid these rapidly changing and frightening times we are reminded of our greatest common denominator —our humanity. When control slips away and fears multiply, we realize how fragile our lives can be. This pandemic cares not about your stature, location, age, race, gender, etc.  It just affects humans. And as humans we must rally together. This starts in your own families and practices and local communities but it spreads beyond that. For the MDA it means we stick together as a staff team and we stick together to try and discover, digest and distribute information that is changing hourly for the benefit of our members. I’ve been so impressed with the leadership shown by the MDA Board and staff team this past week. Singling out specifics is not necessary because we are all committed to do our best for the whole of the MDA. Reviewing what steps have been taken is not necessary either because you are all taking unprecedented steps with your families and teams. Every day is a new adventure that requires flexibility and faith. Sooner or later this will get even more personal for some of us. We will need to continue to stand together then as well perhaps with more empathy than information. This blog is not your news source. I would direct you to and for all the latest on recommendations and ramifications. Your professional life as a dentist is very nuanced and every action leads to 10 more consequences and questions. You have our pledge that the MDA will stay on top of it. But for now, let’s stick together as humans.


Home Work

Drastic times call for drastic measures so the MDA Team is working remotely from home to continue to provide you with services and support. I put a call out for photos of our unique work stations. Me and Vicki were brave enough to include ourselves. Melissa went western, Margie looks official and Stacey never stops processing dues with a view. Wherever we are, we are here for you!

MDAF Scholarship Winners

What a wild time to be a dental student. I feel for the interrupted rhythm of an already crazy pace that now has to be adjusted. Sadly all spring student events have been canceled and we miss connecting with students at Food for Thought or celebrating with our graduating D4s. But I want to offer some good news. A week ago the MDA Foundation Board met and selected three scholarship winners from among 17 awesome candidates. This is one way your voluntary dues donations make a tangible impact for good. Our winners were: Mitchell Hanson (UMKC), 2012 graduate of Logan Rogersville High School; Julia Lincicum (ATSU), 2014 graduate of Jackson Senior High in Jackson; and, Drew Williamson (ATSU), 2013 at Frances Howell North High School in St. Charles. Click here for pictures and brief bios of the winners. This brings our total to 87recipients and $261,000 in support since 1999. Let’s raise a toast to these excellent students!

The Week Ahead

The MDA Team will continue to walk through this with you as we focus on our mission to help all members succeed.

Quotes of the Week

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.” — Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

The human capacity for burden is like bamboo—far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance.” — Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

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