The Week That Was: March 9-13

The Word of the Week – Cancelled!

No one will ever refer to this past week as a slow week. It seems like news alerts and major announcements came fast and furious all day, every day as the world adjusted to the pandemic status of COVID-19. This blog is not a comprehensive source by any means, but I will report that we’ve learned this week of cancelled CE events in Kansas City as well as dental school restrictions against non-essential events like our Food for Thought program. Not everything is cancelled, but the wise will continue to diligently watch the news and listen to health officials as everyone tries to adapt to a future even more unpredictable than usual. As for your connection to organized dentistry, I suggest you monitor the MDA website, App and email communications as well as this special page at the ADA site. Our hope is everyone uses wisdom and caution and follows best practices for personal hygiene and travel. Above all, stay safe!


Sarge in the House

Many of you know Frances Wilmes. I affectionately call her  “Sarge” for her valiant efforts to teach OSHA and maintain the highest level of infection control protocols at MOMOM. She’s taught me a lot, and her passion for the profession is contagious. This week her volunteer time spilled over into helping me inventory MOMOM supplies and adequately prepare for an upcoming access event in July. It can be overwhelming down in the inventory basement, and I was very glad to have the help. Frances is a great example, like many others as well, of our dental family partners who unselfishly give of their time to advance  the mission. Thanks, Sarge!


Foundation Newbies

Today was one of my favorite days, because the MDA Foundation Board held their spring meeting. We also welcomed two new doctors to the board. Dr. Kirk Opdal (L) from Independence is a past MOMOM chair and enthusiastic champion for the Foundation’s mission. Dr. Jim Fox (R) is still a New Dentist for three more months. He hails from Cape Girardeau and comes from a rich heritage in organized dentistry and has previously served as SE Trustee on the MDA Board. We are happy to have both men join the team. They also both are on the current nominating committee to help identify prospective new board members. If you like serving others in a fun and not-too-taxing way, you should contact one of them or me and learn more about the MDAF. The highlights from today’s meeting were selecting our scholarship winners and getting a report on our July access event in Mountain View. Be sure to read the blog next week, when I feature our three new worthy scholarship recipients.


Dome Action and Inaction

This local byline in the ADA Huddle caught my eye regarding the long-debated development of a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program in Missouri. The Capitol Connection is your best source for all the rapidly changing advocacy related news. I understand the Senate will not meet next week because of COVID-1,9 but the House must still review the budget and approve a draft before Spring Break begins at the end of next week.

Friday the 13th

Regardless of your superstitions, it seems fitting that this crazy week ends on this fabled date. We here at the MDA hope nothing crazier happens to you. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you  here next week.

The Week Ahead

Really? I’m not making any predictions! Your guess is as good as mine.

Quote of the Week

It is how we face the uncertainty in our lives that leads to the great transformation of our souls.

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