The Week That Was: February 24-28

Members and Activities Everywhere You Turn

Some weeks are just golden for blog content. This is one of them. You can check out the photos and news links for a wide sampling of all that happens in organized dentistry. We are proud of our MDA members. We are here to help you succeed.

Today is GKAS Clinic in St Louis. I’m sad not to be able to participate this year, but I saw this awesome 3-minute news story about the clinic featuring Dr. Jeff Dalin and his dragon. Also making news, last week was a Veteran’s Clinic in St. Louis. These men and women need and deserve your help with dental needs. Thanks to Dr. Herb Silva and others for this amazing offering.

Today is EFDA CE at the UMKC SOD on “Up Your Restorative Game”. Thanks to trainers like Dr. Ed Kendrick for sharing his time and knowledge to help others improve their skills. MDA staffers Mandy Lewis and Melissa Albertson are in attendance as well. Keep on learning!

Members at Play in Antigua. I’ve been told some solid CE has been presented at the MDA Travel & Learn in Antigua this past week. All I see though, are photos of members having a good time in gorgeous surroundings. But don’t be a hater. Anyone can join in this fabulous CE trip every year to some new and warm destination.

Members at Play in Florida. After my request for member participation in the blog, St. Louis dentist, Dr. Danielle Riordan, sent a few snaps of her relaxing with her husband, Nick, at Cardinal Spring Training. Way to grease the wheels for another fun season of baseball. I included the photo of Yadi because I would like to make him an honorary MDA member.

Oh, the Access Options. Yours truly was all over the state this week exploring venues for future access to care projects. Nothing is official, but you might be tempted or tipped off from some of these photos. Whenever and wherever we end up, I sure hope you find a way to join us as a volunteer.

stl battlehawks

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The Week Ahead

March tumbles in like a lamb this weekend with some beautiful weather, but the action stays hot for the MDA. I’ll be back in St. Louis to witness part of the ASDA Annual Conference. Meanwhile, the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health has its annual conference in Jefferson City. Vicki will join a variety of members for that power-packed event. Plus registration opens March 2 for Connect4Success. You can already get your C4$ tickets. My cash register has been busy!

Quote of the Week

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” — Dale Carnegie

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