The Week That Was: February 17-21


The Power of Welcome

A telltale sign of being a good host is when your guest comments on feeling welcomed. It’s the same way with the association. We function as a host to our many members, and when we get the privilege of adding someone new, we want them to feel a warm welcome. One way we do that is by sharing this simple video introducing them to the value and benefits of membership. Even long-tenured members will enjoy this good summary. But beyond this digital introduction, we all need to be fostering warm in-person introductions to new members. This is how the family feel of the MDA grows and makes membership a personal and rewarding experience.

At Your Fingertips

Did you know you could watch the member welcome video right on your phone in the MDA App? In fact, you can do so much more with a few simple swipes. For instance, you can keep up with a busy legislative session and even enroll in VoterVoice, a key tool to help you express your values to our elected officials. You also can buy tickets for the Connect4Cash (and registration coming soon), and find all the latest news and calendar dates. You can even read this blog right there from the home screen. It’s a very versatile tool and so easy to use. Download through your phone’s app store.

Straight Cash, Homey—Make It Your Reality at C4$

In pop culture, you know you’re rich when you pay your bills with straight cash, homey. Well, here’s your shot to pump up your cash reserves while supporting your very own MDA Foundation. The popular, fun and suspenseful Connect4Cash fundraiser is back for year 3 at the Connect4Success conference. It’s a simple countdown raffle where the last one standing wins $1,500 cash. Ask previous winners, Dr. Elwood Rice and Dr. Ron Wilkerson, about how good that feels. But to win, you have to play. Tickets go fast, so get yours here. The first 25 to purchase tickets will be entered in an early bird drawing to win your $100 back. Good luck and thanks for playing!

MOSDOH Students in the Kirksville Community

This is a cool story about our D1 and D2 MOSDOH dental students in Kirksville visiting a local school as part of Children’s National Dental Health Month. I first saw this in the ADA Morning Huddle, which tells me that more goes on in this state than we can keep up with. We’d love to feature more member stories in various MDA publications, so if you have a report and a photo, send it my way. We all love seeing the many faces of the profession.

The Week Ahead

Travel seems to be the operative word. The MDA Travel and Learn trip has left for Antigua. I’ll count on Vicki to provide some photos and reports that are sure to make us jealous. Meanwhile, my less glamourous travel will take me to both St. Louis and Mountain View on venue visits related to future access projects. Plus we wrap up the month with yet another birthday for this aging author and shameless promoter. Gifts are not required but will be appreciated, LOL!

Quote of the Week

“Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world. Today I am wise and try to change myself.”  — Rumi

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