The Week That Was: February 3-8

February is for Giving

As dentists, you have the privilege of taking a cold, dreary month and making it special for children. There are two big opportunities for you to be involved in some of the more heartwarming aspects of dentistry. First, it’s National Children’s Dental Health Month (CDHM). This year’s theme is fluoridation. You can find all sorts of great resources and ideas here. Be sure to leverage your opportunity to spread good oral health education.


The second opportunity is Give Kids a Smile (GKAS), the premier event of CDHM. GKAS proudly has its roots in the St. Louis area, and once again many members will be volunteering their time at their biannual clinic on February 28-29. But today is also the ADA kick-off for GKAS in Indianapolis. I love reading about all the activities and seeing the dental community rally together to give kids a life-long gift of a healthy smile. Since 2003, the nationwide program has served six million children. Wow!  Kudos to all of you who are participating in some way this month.


MDIS Planning for Growth

The MDA would not be what it is today without its fabulous partner, Missouri Dental Insurance Services (MDIS). Not only does MDIS provide members great customer service along with a wide range of insurance and financial products, their profits significantly provide the MDA with revenue that helps ensure meaningful programs and lower dues. Today at the MDA, the MDIS Board and staff are meeting to their structure, discuss member offerings like the new Dental, Vision, Hearing plan, and set the course for future growth and health. Jeanine Pekkarinen from the ADA will help facilitate the process. She’s quite familiar with the MDA, and has helped us multiple times with planning issues. It’s great to see the tripartite resources shared so generously.


Healthy Stock

Your MDA Foundation quietly offers schools and community organizations the opportunity to get a limited supply of brush and paste to distribute at outreach events. Each year we are able to help 30+ programs across the state thanks to your support of the Foundation. Yesterday, I spent some time stocking my closet and getting the steps in place to start helping others. Today I’m mailing supplies to the Bronaugh 4-H, a tiny little town near Nevada, Mo.


The Week Ahead

This week was like a donut. In between a bunch of productive meetings there was a snow day and a Chief’s Super Bowl Parade. That was a wild scene, and I know all of Missouri is proud, but our members in Kansas City must be over the moon. Tomorrow, in the spirit of CDHM, I’m going to St. Louis to partake in the Magical Smile Fest at the Healthworks! Kids’ Museum. Looks like lots of good dental education hidden inside games, raffles and giveaways, and fun for the family. The rest of the week is not too flashy: No travel, just more meetings and doing the work of the association.

Quote of the Week

You’ve got to fight for your right to LOMBARDI!” — Travis Kelce, Super Bowl Champ

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