The Week That Was: January 6-10

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Happy New Year!

We have jumped from one decade to the next and flipped the calendar to a new year. Welcome to 2020 everyone. I hope your holiday season was enjoyable. It was definitely warm and relaxing for me. But now the blog is back and it’s time to chronicle the adventures of the MDA and its members. Follow along for photos, anecdotes and dental news you won’t find anywhere else – all of it in a lighthearted tone and posted every Friday. Here’s to a rewarding and successful year for all of us. We are in this together!

Software Developer or Dentist?

According to this U.S. News and World Report article, dentists occupy the #2 spot on the Best Jobs list for 2020. This is a jump from #4 last year so we must be doing something right. Forget the enormous student debt, no show patients, insurance hassles, litigation worries, etc.; you guys rock the professional world with technological advances, compassionate care for your patients, flexible hours and all-around greatness. This is no surprise to us at the MDA. In fact, working with dentists is a pretty good gig as well. But don’t you want to be #1? Are you going to let nerdy programmers outpace you? It’s time you take up the drills and teach those smarties locked away in Silicon Valley that only dentists deliver the real smiles. I mean, seriously, no matter how much software gets developed, we still stare at our devices and grumble. But your customers have human interaction with a trained, skilled, compassionate and just as smart dental professional. Plus they leave with healthy teeth and a great smile. Keep pushing until you are #1!

Two Tips

With January a third over and February just around the corner, make sure you get free materials from the ADA to use in your practice during Children’s Dental Health Month. This year’s theme honors the 75th anniversary of community water fluoridation. Click here to learn more. Encourage young ones to develop great habits now.

Keeping the next wave at its best is crucial for the profession. That’s one reason we focus a lot on helping our New Dentist (first 10 years after dental school) find the resources they need to succeed personally but also to engage as leaders with organized dentistry. The ADA gets this as well and has recently supersized resources into one dedicated web page. Find all things ND related here and even take time to share your feedback. This may be why three of the first twenty winners of the coveted ADA 10 Under 10 award are from Missouri. Bookmark it!

The Week Ahead

It’s been one of those quiet weeks here but with the General Session starting earlier this week, it won’t be long before all manner of events takes place, including MDA Legislative Day January 29. Next Thursday, Shantel, Vicki and I will be at the Capitol greeting every elected official with a prized dental kit. It’s amazing how happy people are to get a free brush and paste. It definitely makes us stand out ahead of your visits. We have a staff meeting to hammer out the final details. Plus a lot more that’s in the incubator. Right now we are processing dues so make the best decision of 2020 and renew now!

Quotes of the Week

The process of software development doesn’t feel any better than it did a generation ago.” – Rob Pike

But think how much has dentistry has gotten better over the last generation.” – All the MDA members

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