The Week That Was: December 16-20

Festive and Installed in Kansas City

Last Friday the Wilbers Family (Vicki, Tooter, Macyn and boyfriend, Anthony) were guests at the Greater Kansas City Dental Society holiday party at the Plaza. MDA President, Dr. Mike Berry, was also on hand to honor a few people like outgoing board member, Dr. Lynn Murray, and outgoing president, Dr. Will Duensing. In addition, Dr. Berry installed the new officers, President, Dr. Matthew Hlavacek; President-Elect, Dr. Wendy Weimer; Vice-President, Dr. Garret Cochran; and, Treasurer, Dr. Samuel Hayes. By all accounts it was a fun night and the smiling faces around the tables prove that to be true. Kudos to all those members serving in some capacity at GKCDS and keeping our western border in good shape!

Grub for the Stretch Run

Exam week at dental school is the worst. You are fried from an intense semester. You are so tired from studying. You are broke and hungry and ready to go home. Thankfully the Northeast Dental Society understands this and takes care of their local students at the Kirksville campus of ATSU. On Wednesday, I joined NEDS President, Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick, to help serve a delicious hot lunch from Colton’s. You could almost see the students salivate. They were so appreciative. And then it got better when several also won gift cards. It was a big boost and a great example of being in the MDA family. I hope they found the energy they need for their oral pathology exam.

Hats Off to the MDA/MDIS Holiday Party

Santa’s Elves, Stacey and Jerri, once again delivered a fabulous office Christmas party complete with games, prizes and frivolity. As we arrived, we randomly chose our elf name (Tipsy Drinkspiller, here!). Then we voted on the best hat award. It was a heated race between Lindsey’s horse head and Melissa’s homemade cowboy arrangement. Melissa eventually won via a rock/paper/scissors playoff. After a good lunch that was often interrupted by surprise drawings for lotto tickets, we began several rounds of Bingo using candy to block out our squares. It was difficult for me not to eat myself out of the game! It didn’t matter because I lost 11 rounds despite having two cards every game! Eventually, Lindsey won the $90 pot for blackout, so the horse head had a little redemption. Things got a little frantic during the bizarre present exchange (people want what they want!) but everyone left with something nice. To top the day off, we broke into teams and had a human Christmas tree decorating contest. I still dispute the judging but kudos to Margie for being named best tree by a slim margin over Elisha and Paul. It’s not your typical party but we’re not your typical team. I think we all like it that way.

Small Package, Big Results

Just this morning the MDA team helped assemble 500+ legislative gift packs that feature a toothbrush, paste and floss as well as a reminder about the MDA’s Lobby Day and Shantel’s business card. Vicki, Shantel and I will distribute these next month and people eagerly will be waiting for them. They love having a spare oral health kit at the office. It’s a small, thoughtful gift that gets remembered and helps us keep open doors at the Capitol. And it paves the way for the Legislative Day activities the following week.


See You in 2020

With Christmas and New Year’s falling mid-week and lots of staff (including me) taking some vacation, we will have someone manning the office but there are no big events scheduled. This means this is the last blog of 2019. It’s been an amazing year. I hope you continue to read along and discover the nuggets (large and small; serious and silly) that reveal what really happened in The Week That Was.  We’ll be back with 20/20 vision in the year 2020. Until then we wish you all the peace, rest and hope for this holiday season.

Quotes of the Week

I love the Christmas-tide, and yet, I notice this, each year I live; I always like the gifts I get, But how I love the gifts I give!” – Carolyn Wells

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. Happy New Year 2020!

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