The Week That Was: December 9-13

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Last week I made a brief mention of this but I’m happy to provide this more robust report from MDA’s own Shantel Smith who was actually in attendance and who brought back some awesome photos.

This is always a great conference for the MDA as it brings together state dental associations, and contract and specialty organization’s lobbyists to address legislative issues that are similar in many states. Through this forum, they are able to discuss successes and failures among each state in order to help mold the message and identify practices and approaches to avoid. Agenda items included Medical Loss Ratios, Medicaid, DSOs contracting, Action for Dental Health, fluoride, CDHC and more. Although, one of the greatest things about this conference is seeing how far ahead Missouri is with the issues due to the third-party payer legislative victories we have had, which the MDA received accolades for from the ADA.

The 2020 Legislative Session will be another year of third party payer issues as we prepare to take on health carrier overpayment responsibilities and temporary and emergency credentialing. As mentioned many times before, our successes are reflective of the voice of this profession. Legislators love to see your faces and hear your stories. Please consider joining us for MDA’s Lobby Day this year. Registration is open! The earlier you reserve your spot the easier it is to make appointments with your legislators. Help us make our voice heard.

Finally, on January 8 the Capitol will once again be full as the 2020 Legislative Session kicks off. What some may not know is that someone will be joining us again this year after being absent for the past year. Yes, Ceres will be placed back atop our state Capitol just in time for the start of session. Ceres represents a strong historical importance to our state as the goddess of agriculture, and we are happy to see here returning to the dome.


Ho Ho Oh So Ugly

Just like it’s hard to turn away from looking at a car accident, it’s hard not to look with disbelief at ugly Christmas sweaters. Such was the case last night when the Greater St. Louis Dental Society held their holiday social for New Dentists. LLywelyn’s Pub hosted the merry gathering sponsored by our fine friends at MDIS. Before the games and frivolity started, Shantel addressed the crowd about the value of engaging in advocacy efforts. She also gave a sneak peek at the 2020 legislative agenda. Connecting with colleagues is a value for many members and one that organized dentistry aims to provide as often as possible. In addition to the good holiday vibe last night, almost all of the 40+ NDs in attendance won a prize. Congrats to Dr. Jessica Monroe for winning the Ugly Sweater Contest. And thanks to chair, Dr. Joe Azar, for emceeing the event.

A Star is Born

We can’t acknowledge every personal milestone of our members in this brief space, but occasionally one happens that requires attention. Earlier this week on Monday Dr. Emily Taylor, a pediatric dentist in Rolla who serves on the MDA New Dentist Committee and on the MDA Foundation Board with her father, Dr. Tim Taylor, delivered her first child. Baby Lenora Starr Moorkamp weighed in at 7lbs 5 oz. What a lovely holiday gift for mom, Dad Bill, and proud granddad Tim. Congrats to all!


Bright Lights and Installation in Kansas City

Tonight is the annual holiday party and officer installation meeting for the Greater Kansas City Dental Society. It will be held on the Plaza which is one of the must-see locations during Christmas. MDA President, Dr. Mike Berry, will join MDA ED, Vicki Wilbers, and some of her family as guests of the festive event. We wish them all a wonderful holiday and will be back next week with some photos and more details.

Holiday Content on
Check out the MouthHealthy Holiday Workshop for holiday cards, coloring sheets and much more! Don’t forget that your dental society can use an image of Hermey as a cover photo on Facebook or Twitter. Finally, feel free to share the six ways to keep your smile bright this holiday.

The Week Ahead

More lively action awaits as the MDA/MDIS Christmas party is next Tuesday. This features a crazy hat contest. Oh my. I will have a sanitized report with appropriate photos next week as well. I’ll also be in Kirksville to help the Northeast Dental Society serve lunch to dental students during finals week. Plus there’s a handful of year-end duties everyone is working on as well. But we have time to process your membership so send in those dues!

Quote of the Week

As we gather together in our ugly sweaters eating cakes, candies and pies, we’re keeping our Christmas spirits high.” – Carly Jamison

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