The Week That Was: November 11-15

Shall We Gather in St Louis?

This week all eyes were on the Mid-Continent Dental Congress in St. Charles. Dentists, staff, vendors and guests flowed through the doors in droves to take part in top-notch CE courses, business meetings, reunions and all-around great networking in the exhibit hall. I took up shop in the MDA/MDIS booth with Jerri Wildhaber and special guest, Dr. Merle Nunemaker, who was helping members understand the ins and outs of being a provider in the new DVH plan that offers great promise as a member benefit.

Meanwhile I handled the more serious job of managing the prize wheel and distributing swag to our members. It was great to see so many familiar and new faces. In fact, I was able to catch up with Ryan Swift from Patterson Dental and present him with a plaque in appreciation for his service on the MDA Foundation Board.

The GSLDS staff and leadership work hard for months to put together a first-class event and it pays off. They are particularly excited to relocate and grow the event next year when they gather in Union Station downtown. I can’t wait to see how it goes down when we all gather again in St. Louis.

The Week Ahead

There’s no travel on deck, but plenty is happening at the office. The MDA staff meet with staff from the ADA to work through the next steps in the strategic planning process. There’s a Teledentistry Training Workshop for Missouri dental teams here and at the Missouri Primary Care Association, featuring as its speaker, Dr. Nathan Suter (who just last week was acknowledged as Dentist of the Year for his work with teledentistry). And the board members of the Dental Well Being Foundation come to the office on Friday to conduct their annual meeting. Just remember whatever is happening, you can keep up with it 24/7 on the fabulous MDA App.

Quote of the Week

St. Louis has always been special to me.” – Joe Torre (and evidently, a ton of other people)

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