The Week That Was: October 28-November 1

Full Circle Food for Thought

In the same way that seeds eventually become flowers, dental students eventually become dentists (and MDA members)! This past Tuesday was evidence of this process. Dr. Kristen Alexander was our speaker at the Food for Thought at ATSU in St Louis. Dr. Alexander was part of the first MOSDOH graduating class and now she was back speaking to students in a familiar environment. Many of her professors sat in as well. It was a proud moment. Dr. Alexander did a great job sharing about her path back to her hometown of Poplar Bluff. A lot happens in two years, but I tell the students that the MDA is with you fighting for your success every step of the way.

Thank You for Your Loyalty!

Yesterday the entire MDA staff participated in a conference call with ADA personnel to review the results of the recent Member Value and Loyalty survey. MOre than 16 percent you participated, and while I won’t bore you with the statistics, I will say the big picture was very favorable. We are far from perfect, but most respondents engage with our programs, value our benefit offerings and would recommend membership to a colleague. We are happy to hear that and will continue to work hard to improve. Having great members makes it worthwhile!

Mystery for Breakfast in Full Costume

In honor of Halloween our team building activity was a costume contest over breakfast followed by a brief whodunit mystery game. Vicki won first prize for her interpretation of a Louis Vuitton mannequin she saw on her recent trip to New York City. Second place went to the knocked-up nun, Jerri. Before you fire off any emails of scandal and shock, remember I only report the news. In fact, the photos reveal that I am actually Mr. Incredible around this office. I was told the best costume is to just be yourself. (We also had Soap & Loofa, Farmer’s Wife, Lady Vampire, Christmas Elf, Joe Dirt, Struck By Lightning, Halloween Leftovers and Batgirl). We all had a fun morning, but none of us correctly solved the murder mystery, so we are quickly back working at our day job. I know many offices dress up for Halloween. Be a good blog reader and send us snaps of your team or adorable children.


The Week Ahead

Mandy heads to Ballwin for an EFDA Removable course this weekend. Then sh*t gets serious (as they say) when next week we convene for the House of Delegates and a few MDA Board meetings. Officers get elected, reports get shared, resolutions are debated and voted on, awards are given, prizes are raffled and much more. Thanks to all of you who serve the whole association at this important annual event. I look forward to seeing you!

Quote of the Week

Werewolves howl. Phantoms prowl. Halloween’s upon us now.” — Richelle Goodrich

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