The Week That Was: October 21-25

Food for Thought: Tacos and Twenties

Tuesday was the first exposure to MDA’s Food for Thought program for many D1 ATSU students in Kirksville. We try to hit their dopamine sensors by providing a good free lunch (taco bar from HyVee) and enticing them with cash (twenties) and gift cards. Safe to say, we hit our mark with another good connection of exposing students to the many varied benefits of organized dentistry . Headlining our time was our speaker, Dr. Joshua Prather, UMKC 2017. He easily connected with students as he shared his unique career path from wanna be storm chaser to happy dentist doing tons of extractions as an employee with DDS Denture and Dental Implant Solutions of Columbia. His passion was contagious and his advice to find what you enjoy and do it was spot on. Thank you Dr. Prather for your time! Thank you ATSU for your welcoming spirit.

New Dentists in Old Chicago in Joplin

Say what? On Wednesday evening we held our final New Dentist social at a place called Old Chicago in Joplin. Some new faces came to a fun night of networking over food and beverage while playing our now-famous games of Concentration, Hang Dentist and Jeopardy. Each participant won a gift bag full of goodies. If the games prizes were not enough loot, we got even more generous with our random raffle. Congrats to Dr. Craig Mulherin for winning the Yeti and Dr. Parth Patel for winning the Keurig. Dr. Jay Brown also won the valued drug book from the ADA. This was the last of five socials since mid-September in the un-staffed components of the state. Using ADA grant funds, we did our best to create awareness and bring new dentists together. You can tell how much they value connecting as professionals. It can be harder to do that in the smaller components given the distance and fewer numbers. Let this be a good reminder to us all to include and engage our newer dentists. Early exposure can positively impact a long career.

Food for Thought: Jimmy and Hollie Edition

Yesterday we made our way from Joplin to UMKC for the first Food for Thought of their school year. No, we didn’t have a folk duo singing, but we did have food from Jimmy Johns and a great speaker with Dr. Hollie Flack. She did a super job authentically sharing her journey and what it’s like to buy a practice and be married to another busy dentist, Dr. Adam Flack, OS. It was fun to hear about that time she and her classmates were at the Price is Right. She also shared about the couple’s recently completed 200 mile team Ragnar relay race in Kentucky. Hollie and Adam were part of a 12 person team that rotated running different legs of a 200 mile course. It took them more than 31 hours to complete and that put them in the top 40% of all 425 teams. Dentists do some unique things outside the office! Once again good questions were asked as good connections were made and prize money was distributed. Thank you, Dr. Hollie Flack!

Vendor Vortex

Team Travel (Paul, Stacey and Jerri) stayed after FFT to partake in the UMKC Vendor Fair. Besides showing support for the school and connecting more with students, it’s also fun to see our cousins in the dental family as many familiar faces line the hallway. I either try to steal ideas or candy as I meander around.


Happy Birthday Shantel and Melissa!

Advocacy and communication are two huge benefit to members. They don’t happen without good staff. Thankfully we have Shantel Smith and Melissa Albertson. Shantel’s work as MDA Legislative and Regulatory Director along with MODentPAC and our strong volunteer leaders has been a big win for you and the MDA. Melissa’s prolific work keeping everyone informed through all manner of  avenues (including posting this blog) is vital for an association this large. They both have a lot to keep up with and tackle their jobs with zest and commitment. How much commitment? Well, Shantel’s attending the Missouri Dental Board meeting today on her birthday along with Vicki and Mandy from the office and Drs. Dan Kessler, Jeremy Bowen and Earl Larson. And Melissa is posting this on a day off headed to Nebraska for more rodeo action. Her birthday is tomorrow. I know you all join us in wishing both of these ladies a wonderful birthday weekend.

The Week Ahead

Team Travel and the Food for Thought circus rolls into ATSU St Louis. Plus Halloween lurks on the horizon. More candy, more cavities?

Quote of the Week

Sometimes, bumpy roads often lead to beautiful places.” – Dave Martinez, manager of the Washington Nationals who are playing in their first ever World Series.


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