The Week That Was: September 16-20

New Dentists in the Spotlight – Game On!

While there is always plenty of quiet work going on around here, the one big story this week is events for our New Dentists (NDs) in the state. NDs are those out of dental school for less than 10 years. They represent not only the latest in education and practice model trends, but also the next wave of leadership and membership in the MDA. It’s absolutely imperative that we make every effort to welcome them and help them through these first years of their careers. A great way to do that is with social events because you provide a place to meet and network with colleagues while introducing them to all the value we offer the profession. Throw in a little competition, silliness and great prizes, and you have a memorable night. Last night was a hot calendar date with three events across the state.

Right here in Jefferson City, MDA staff alter egos, Paul Trebek and Stavanna Kloeppel, led the NDs from the Central Dental Society through games like Jeopardy, Concentration and Hang Dentist. Players and audience alike learned about MDA offerings as they competed for pride and prizes. Afterward we raffled off some dope prizes like an Apple Watch. Congrats Dr. Travis Tegerdine on your wrist enhancement! Perhaps most rewarding was meeting Drs. Nicole and Lap Nguyen who just graduated from Midwestern in May and were attending their first event. Nicole battled in one the games and Lap walked away with a Yeti cooler. They both commented on how much they enjoyed meeting area dentists and learning about the MDA. This is the environment and the effect we are after. We are using ADA grant funds along with MDA outreach funds to make these events as appealing as possible. Similar outings are planned over the next four weeks for the four components in the corners (Southeast, Northeast, Northwest and Southwest). Check out the deets here and make sure you RSVP to Paul.

I have yet to figure out how to clone myself and there’s probably a resistance movement to that idea, anyway, but I sadly was unable to attend ND events last night in St. Louis and Springfield. Perhaps someone there will provide a report or photos. I have no doubt they were successful as well because in the end we all just want to feel welcomed and included and informed. So no matter your age or location, make an effort to be involved and bring others with you.

The Week Ahead

Time to gas up and dial in. Shantel and Dr Kessler will join me in Cape Girardeau for a wave of Southeast Dental Society events including a ND Social, golf, business lunch and officer installation. I see at least three conference calls of various nature on the docket. Greater St. Louis is doing a dental student outreach at SIU and the Missouri Coalition for Oral Health has a board meeting here in town. Yep, fall travel season is here!

Quote of the Week

If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn’t be a human being, you’d be a game show host.” – Gabriel Heatter

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