The Week That Was: August 19-23

MOMOM and the Wild West

Our 8th MOMOM clinic led us westward to St. Joe for our first-ever, one-day clinic last Friday. By all early reviews, it was a big success. Co-chairs, Drs. Tim Curry and Tim Taylor, were joined by 600 more volunteers and more than 500 patients at the Civic Arena. Nearly half those patients came to the Thursday prescreening which allowed us to fire up the clinic straight off with dental treatment. With a smaller overall turnout, we were able to do more for each patient. In fact, the average patient received $1,260 in free care and some nearly double that amount. That’s what happens when you do the work to deliver 16 flippers, 64 root canals, 510 cleanings, 734 fillings and 1,228 extractions. The final tally was $631,000 in donated care. What a huge gift for some of our neighbors struggling to find employment or without reserves to pay for much needed treatment! Patient comment cards resonated with gratitude and smiles were abundant. All the advance work and collaboration came together in a very rewarding way. I’m so grateful for the vast and caring volunteer army that sacrifices so much to make the clinic a success. And of course, money drives opportunity so a big shout-out to our generous donors and many local companies that provided in-kind support. So much more about the clinic will be available soon, but be sure to check out our Facebook feed for great video stories and photos and press coverage of the clinic (with more to come). Thank you, and congrats to all involved.

Dental Panel Connects with ATSU Students

Membership is really about relationships, and several were on display earlier this week at the MOSDOH campus in St Louis. First, the state and local relationship worked well as Greater St. Louis Dental Society used some MDA student outreach funds to set up a fun evening for the D3 and D4 students. Good food and adult drinks helped provide a relaxed setting after a hard day at school. Prizes and candy added a little fun to the mix, as Susan Prosperi led the students through a thorough explanation of member benefits at all three levels. Of course being connected to staff and resources helps everyone maximize these benefits. Then, the haymaker of the evening was an authentic discussion with a panel of new dentists from the area. They discussed their paths, their lessons and the various opportunities that lay ahead. It felt like a family night. Thanks to all for their hard work. I was able to see Drs. Jessica Monroe, David Urbanek, Megan Lenahan and Sean Thoms speak before I had to dash away.

All Ye Gather at the MDA

Today is a day for collaboration and business. Many people were in the office for a wide-range of activities. The MDA Board of Trustees held its quarterly meeting which featured updates from the dental schools deans, Dr. Marsha Pyle (UMKC) and Dr. Dwight McLeod (ATSU). Also on the agenda was the voting for the annual awards to be given at the House of Delegates in November. And the trustees conferenced in the ADA for a presentation on streamlining dues. Wouldn’t that be nice! Watch your email for a full report from your local component trustee on all the BOT business. Stay informed because they represent you. In fact, having the BOT and the ND Committee connect over lunch today is another key element to making sure there’s a place for everyone in the MDA.

Meanwhile in the downstairs meeting room,  the MDA New Dentist Committee was gathering to handle their business, which ranged from evaluating and planning the Connect4Success conference to electing a new representative on the BOT. Congrats to Dr. Emily Mattingly for assuming that important role. A good discussion also occurred about the upcoming fall ND socials in the unstaffed components. These are crucial as a best-foot-forward attempt to connect with recent grads and uninvolved members. Knowing a familiar face and feeling comfortable with what your component and state offer make a huge difference in your membership experience.

Your Humble Opinion Matters

You should be reading your bi-weekly MDA eNews email. It’s full of helpful and informative items like this one that I think bears repeating because your voice matters to us. A Member Value Survey went out to members via email earlier this week. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete, and as an added incentive, upon completion you can enter a drawing for one of two $250 Amazon gift cards. Your participation is voluntary, but your opinion makes a difference! With the help of the ADA, we have conducted a similar survey twice in the past 6 years, and usually do in timing with updating our strategic plan, a process we’re currently undertaking. The survey is about membership loyalty/satisfaction with the ADA/MDA and the local societies, and includes questions about benefits, endorsed products, communications, continuing membership and more. Your feedback helps us improve member support and benefits. Thank you in advance for your assistance helping us to collect this important information, and thank you for being a valued member.


The Week Ahead

It’s all BOT and MOMOM follow up as we close August and get ready for a wild fall full of travel and connections. Be sure you subscribe to the blog (just click the button in the lower right corner, or make it easier by downloading The MDA App) so you don’t miss one juicy report. Plus you may see your smiling face right here.

Quote of the Week

A great relationship is about two things. First, find out the similarities. Second, respect the differences.

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