The Week That Was: August 5-9

Two Weeks and Two Weeks. Am I Getting Lazy?

Astute and devout readers of the blog are probably still smarting from the lack of a post last week. My apologies. We were light on interesting content so I saved up for this week. And you better lower your expectations again, because next week is all MOMOM—all the time—so I won’t post again until August 23. I know; I get it. You feel like a yo-yo. I’ll try to be more faithful, but don’t hold your blog breath.

The Secret is Out! Santa has Many Partners

While the egg nog and tinsel are still months away, the MDA/MDIS Team did experience a little Christmas in July via our team-building assignment as Secret Santa to someone else on the team. Each week for the whole month you were to deliver pleasant little pick-me-up gifts for your designated buddy. The gift deposit basket was always jam-full of colorful bags and thoughtful gifts with your name on it. It certainly livened spirits to both give and receive! Recently we had our Secret Santa Reveal team lunch and to most everyone’s credit, very few guessed correctly. It was good fun and everyone is already clamoring for more.


Strong Showing at Missouri Dental Board

A week ago, a big MDA delegation attended the MDB meeting to provide salient points to various agenda items and to keep the pulse of ongoing activities so we can serve our members well. Present were MDA Trustees Drs. Dan Kessler, Mike Berry, Erick Jansson and MDA staff members Vicki Wilbers, Shantel Smith, Mandy Lewis and Melissa Albertson. They listened in on possible EFDA rule changes and saw a presentation from the Commission on Dental Competency Assessments. Also of note were the officer elections: Dr. Bill Kane was re-elected President, Dr. Tim Larson is Vice President and Nancy Maus, RDH, is the Secretary.

Tasty Treats and Big Wins

This past Tuesday provided some unexpected and joyous relief from the MOMOM crunch when I joined Vicki Wilbers at A Taste of Missouri event hosted by the Missouri Society of Association Executives. There were tourism exhibitors from around the state, and each was offering some tasty treat in addition to information about their facility or attraction. Vicki and I looked slack-jawed as we went from shrimp and grits to custom beer to specialty chocolates and back again. It was a lively event, and I ran into Mary Supple from Visit St Joe MO. Not only is she a great tourism host, but she’s also been a great local team member for MOMOM, working on things from fundraising to hotel space to hospitality. She’s fired up for next week! Amid all this food free-for-all, the event planners were giving away prizes and old lucky Paul hit it big with the folks from Margaritaville. I won 2-night stay, a Keurig, Tiki torches that double as speakers and lots of resort cash and other trinkets. Jealous eyes watched, as I needed Vicki’s help to haul my loot to the car. Thank you Margaritaville, and thank you MSAE for a great event.

Mid States Conference Underway

Every year prior to the ADA Annual Meeting, this conference gathers key representatives from each state to discuss common issues and prep for the upcoming meeting. MDA staff, Shantel Smith, is our boots on the ground this year as she joins MDA President-Elect, Dr. Mike Berry and St. Louis dentist and past MDA President, Dr. Vince Rapini, who also this year is a candidate for ADA 2nd Vice President. Photos are close to real-time as they gather in Milwaukee. Thanks for making time to rep Missouri!


It’s MOMOM Week

My inbox is redlining, and I take more calls this week than I do all year, as I hear from patients and volunteers with burning questions. Plus all the staff are flying around packing and loading and doing what it takes to pull it off. The U-haul leaves next Wednesday and then it’s total immersion until next week. Thanks to all who are volunteering. Here’s to our 8th clinic! May it be a big success for all involved.

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