The Week That Was: July 22-26

A Big City for a Big Week


Sometimes more stuff happens for the MDA than can be contained in little old Jefferson City. Such was the case this week when we had to travel to Chicago in order to take it all in. It was conference week at the ADA, and I’ll try to break down my report into chewable bites.

  • President-Elect’s Conference – MDA’s President-Elect, Dr. Mike Berry of Moberly, Mo. was in attendance to meet his counterparts from other states and to get a good read on ADA priorities for his upcoming year in office. Dr. Berry is very eager to serve as president and will do us proud.
  • Executives Conference – The component society executives like Meg Stagina from Greater St. Louis Dental Society and the state executives like our very own, Vicki Wilbers, met most of Monday to swap notes and get insight on ADA activities.
  • Management Conference – This is where I joined Vicki, Meg and a host of others in similar roles across the country for a time of inspiration, networking and direction-setting. The agenda is jam-packed. We heard from current ADA leadership including President, Dr. Jeffrey Cole and Executive Director, Dr. Kathy O’Loughlin. We had content on strategic planning and successful teams. We heard a lot about the current environment in the profession and how it impacts membership recruitment and retention. We had a variety of breakouts, including an interesting one regarding simplifying tracking your CE requirements. We had good table talk between colleagues (always helpful to see where Missouri stands among its peers). And we did a delightful interactive exercise called a “Hackathon” where teams competed to develop and present new ideas to address current needs. Most centered around technology developments like “Dr. Alexa” that would simplify and customize the member experience. It was fun to compete even if my team got robbed!
  • Membership Conference – Our MDA Membership Manager, Stacey Kloeppel, took the baton from Vicki and I on Wednesday as we left for home and she stayed for more specific content on membership matters. I’m sure she’s soaking up content as well. On the bright spot, she represented Missouri as we won two big awards in our state size division. One for greatest net gain of New Dentists and one for greatest net gain in total membership. Hats off to all you members and the whole MDA staff for making membership an attractive and valuable option. We are in this together!
  • Social Gatherings – You can’t go to Chicago and not partake in the great offerings for food and entertainment. The weather was gorgeous as well. On Tuesday night, several staff and friends from fellow 6th district states Kentucky and Tennessee invited us to dine with them at Carmines. Yum! And my bride and I came early on Sunday to see what the fuss was about the play, Hamilton. Now we know and can share in making a fuss. Very entertaining!

That’s Not All

While the Chicago experience is a highlight of the year and provides great stimulation for the road ahead, there was plenty still happening at home. Mandy Lewis, MDA Education Manager, had a conference call with education committee to work on speakers for Connect4Success 2020. Denise Lehmen, Finance Manager, shared some time and expertise to help set up the MOMOM x-ray computers for refreshing ahead of the clinic. And Elisha Bonnot, MDA Content Manager, has been shoring up print items ahead of MOMOM. Speaking of MOMOM, it’s just 3 weeks away from today. Thank you to all the volunteers who have registered to make this clinic a success. If you are interested in being a part of this memorable event, you better act now because we close online registration today.


MDA President in the News

Representing the MDA well to the public is just one of many roles an MDA President must play. This past week, current MD President, Dr. Dan Kessler, did just that when we was contacted by the Kansas City Star for an article about the new opioid prescribing law. The opioid issue has received a lot of ink over the last year and this new law is a good step forward. Dr. Kessler and Dr. John Dane, State Dental Director, both do a find job representing the profession in this article. We are grateful to have engaged and informed leaders.

The Week Ahead

Our friends at the Greater Kansas City Dental Society have a Day at the K planned for tomorrow to watch the Royals play baseball. Good timing because the Royals have been on a hot streak. Here at the office, we will try to digest what we learned this week. Next Friday there’s a Missouri Dental Board meeting that several staff members and volunteer leaders will attend. And for fun, we have our Secret Santa reveal lunch on Tuesday. My Secret Santa is aware of my camping habit and has delivered some stellar gifts to support it.

Quotes of the Week

“Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man; and writing an exact man” – Francis Bacon … and, “The only thing better than bacon is bacon-wrapped in bacon.”

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