The Week That Was: July 8-12

Member Appreciation Reaches Rock Star Status

At the core of what makes the MDA special is our amazing members who come in all styles from different generations, but who all love the profession and love organized dentistry. And it’s no secret they enjoy a good time as well. All these wonderful things collided last night at the Greater St. Louis Dental Society’s Annual Member Appreciation Night. The theme was “Our Members Rock”. I was fortunate enough to attend and was so impressed that I don’t know where to start my report.

Let’s start with the members. It was cool to see a strong attendance (near 100?) with a range from docs just out of dental school to retirees. Many embraced the theme like good sports and gave the evening that much more of a boost. I had a chance to visit with several folks, and I’m amazed at how unique and interesting our members are when you get to visit outside of clinical settings. Now this kind of fun evening doesn’t just happen. It’s months in the making, and I’d be remiss not to tip my hat to the way-cool GSLDS staff women who pulled it all together. Kudos to Meg, Laura, Susan, Nikki and Allison! And great events like this aren’t cheap, so I have to give a shout out to the awesome vendor support – almost all of whom were in festive costume as well, which kicked up the energy. They also provided prizes on top of the 16 other prizes given away. Everyone was in on the action. In fact MDA/MDIS shared a booth and Greg Russell, MDIS President, made some waves in his flower child costume. Congrats to Dr. Mimi  Kunzeman who won our gift basket.

Add to all this a good bar, vintage rock music, a KISS-inspired photo booth, a “First Concert” memory wall and some yummy food, and you have a memorable night just like all those concerts you attended in your youth. In fact, the atmosphere helped me emerge from my shy shell and participate a little. Hats off to costume winners, Dr. Jane Otto (member as Madonna) and Chris Caron from Avid Dental (vendor as Gene Simmons with a sign that read Hi Gene). In conclusion, it doesn’t take a party to remind us how much the components and MDA appreciate their members, but a good party is one awesome way to celebrate the fact.

Appreciating the Newest Wave

The first step to member appreciation is a good welcome. Stacey, MDA Membership Manager, was doing just that this morning at the ATSU D1 Informational Fair in Kirksville. At last count, she had connected with 54 of the newly expanded class of 63. I know she made a good first impression, and we loaded them up with MDA goodies. Tomorrow, NEDS Trustee, Dr. Amanda Fitzpatrick, will welcome these students at the White Coat Ceremony. And it won’t be long before the NEDS welcomes them with their annual reception at the Dukum Inn. Welcome, Class of 2023!

Making Plans for Good Oral Health

In the “as we speak” category is a report from the MDA Delta Room where the Missouri Oral Healh Plan Work Group is meeting to update and revise the next steps of the plan to work together to improve oral health in the state. Led by Gary Harbison, Executive director of Missouri Coalition for Oral Health, the team was deep in discussion when I snuck in for a photo. Thanks to all who work hard on a Friday afternoon!

The Week Ahead

Time to put away the wig and return to desk work as we enter the last month before MOMOM.

Quote of the Week

“We built this city on rock ‘n’ roll!” – Starship

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