The Week That Was: June 3-7

Two Atypical Blog Weeks

Regular followers of this blog come to this space expecting to find light-hearted photos and updates of MDA-related travel and activities. However, when there’s no travel and all the staff have been focused on preparing for a mega MDA week at the Lake of the Ozarks next week, there’s not a lot of sizzle to share. As you can see, the front reception area is overrun with materials for strategic planning and our Connect4Success Conference. Bags are set to be stuffed. The whole MDA team will be out of the office from next Wednesday through Saturday. We hope to see many of you at our premier event.

So for content this week, I will share a few links and stories that caught my eye. As for next week, this blog likely won’t post until Monday, June 17. But when it does, it will have tons of photos and fun reports from the conference including the grand prize $1,500 cash winner of the Connect4Cash raffle.

New Missouri Dental School is Official

I saw this link and this link about Kansas City University opening a dental school in Joplin. Goals are in place to seat 80 students starting in 2022. All I can say, from where I sit, is MDA/MDIS Team Travel will cover the state to connect with dental students and spread the gospel of the value of organized dentistry.


Opioids and Substance Abuse

We can’t ignore the serious issues that affect our culture, you or your patients. It is critical to stay informed about the opioid crisis and have good resources to help you personally and professionally. This article caught my attention as it helps new dentists (and all dentists) know how to speak to your patients about substance abuse. You may certainly see signs before someone else does. In fact, this entire ADA New Dentist blog is a wonderful resource for young doctors to bookmark.

The dental profession has been perceived by some as contributor to the opioid crisis through overprescribing of pain meds after dental surgeries. This view is too simplistic. However, this upcoming webinar on your role in prescribing should be very enlightening as to the latest thoughts on the issue. Check it out! In fact, you should see all the ADA is doing and offering in regard to the opioid issue. It will make you proud of your membership. Check out ADA President, Dr. Jeffrey M Cole’s story from the recent NIH Pain Consortium.

Interested in Wellness from a Professional Standpoint?

Being healthy is fundamental to living your best life. I’m always happy to promote our Dental Wellbeing Foundation’s Voluntary Wellness Program. And now I’m happy to pass on the following offering from the ADA.

Registration for the 2019 ADA Dentist Health and Well-Being Conference will be open until August 5 for the Conference that will take place on August 16, which is  pen to all members. Click here for the link to the conference registration page. For assistance with online registration, including changes and cancellations, please contact the ADA Member Service Center at 800-947-4746, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please feel free to pass along the conference information!

The Week Ahead

See the first paragraph. We will all be absorbed in the fantastic Connect4Success Conference. Top-shelf stuff!

Quote of the Week

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.” —Anonymous

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