The Week That Was: May 27-31

8 Snow Whites and Dopey

This is what it felt like on Tuesday when the MDA staff went to have new head shots made and take a new team photo. It had been 4 years since we last did this and our roster has changed a bit. It’s really difficult to concentrate and smile when your peers (especially me) are creating havoc around you. Here are some of the silly candids. You’ll have to wait to admire the spectacular official photos. We are discussing when to hold an autograph session.


Mystery Travel

After the photo shoot I took off for a small town in south central Missouri to investigate ways that the MDA Foundation might partner with a local clinic to address access to care issues. I met with some committed and talented local leaders and marveled at what they have going. Too much is yet to be decided, but for now, I’m encouraged, and I enjoyed a wide-ranging field trip.

Another Fluoridation Salute


You may remember my recent post from Moberly where MO DHSS honored the city for 50 years of water fluoridation. Well, last week it was Rolla’s turn to be in the spotlight for a half century of community service. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but I am more than happy to share the good news with you. The photo shows DHSS State Dental Director (center) with Rodney Bourne from the Rolla Municipal Utilities. Others include board members from Rolla Municipal Utilities and Rolla Public Works. Cheers to Rolla and keep it up. If your community is not as fortunate or constantly fighting a move toward removing fluoridation, please utilize the great resources found here.

From May to June and the Week Ahead

May was one long, eventful month. You have to read this blog to stay up on the inside scoop at MDA. Tomorrow we flip the calendar to June. Hopefully it offers more sunshine and less rain and storms. Of course we expect full sunshine with our upcoming Connect4Success Conference. This is our premier annual event so don’t miss out. Registration deadlines are fast approaching. Learn more and get in the game here. We kick the week off with a staff meeting and then work like crazy to pull it all together.

Quote of the Week

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

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