The Week That Was: May 20-24

Tornado Report

I often describe whirlwind weeks here at the MDA, but this week was a little too literal. As you know, late Wednesday evening an F3 tornado touched down here in the capital city—home to the MDA headquarters and all the MDA/MDIS staff. Thankfully we can report all people and property are safe, but it was not without some anxiety and close calls. Both Shantel and I have homes within 2 miles of the path. And Melissa lives very close to the path in Eldon. I salute the early warning system for saving people’s lives. Sadly there was still plenty of devastation to homes and businesses and landmarks in our community. All of us know someone who did not fare as well, like Vicki’s husband’s uncle whose large auto body repair and storage business was totally destroyed. This is a strong local community and the immediate response has been very encouraging. I imagine volunteers will turn out all weekend to assist. Plus, if the tornado damage was not bad enough, we are dealing with imminent flooding at near record levels. No one is exempt from various trials in life, but please pray for our town as you think of us.

These trials extend all over the state. The MDA staff took steps to call as many dental offices as we could identify in affected areas and thankfully found no one with extensive damage. However, if you know of members affected, please contact us at the MDA. We and the ADA have several resources to help. It’s at times like this that the family aspect of membership matters most.

It was eerie that this event occurred on the 8th anniversary of the Joplin tornado. While nowhere near in scope or loss of life, it’s still a blow to the community. But like the Joplin tornado, the caring response has been very encouraging. All of the staff have heard from a wide range of members checking in on our safety and offering assistance. This feels quite good, and we all thank you for the support.

In Other Travel

In regular news, business did roll on. I was in St. Joe for a MOMOM meeting and made some big strides in nailing down facility issues. This footprint looks to be much more suitable for an efficient clinic. The local team is on the 12-week countdown alert and pushing hard to spread the word and prepare to host. We have 337 volunteers (79 DDS) signed up so far, but that’s about half of our goal. Let’s rally for this opportunity. You can register here today.

Also, I noticed Shantel traveled to St. Louis to speak at a district meeting. Attendees were the first to hear of the recently ended and highly successful legislative session. Our paths have not crossed, so I don’t have a report or photos but you can share in the success by reading the latest Capitol Connection.

The Week Ahead

The office is closed for Memorial Day on Monday so we have a short week. We get new staff photos taken on Tuesday, so I know you will all eagerly await to see updated photos of your favorite staff, lol! I will also journey to Mountain View, MO to explore ways the MDA Foundation may be able to assist with the local Good Samaritan Care Clinic and their extensive backlog of patients needing dental care.

Quote of the Week

Survivors aren’t always the strongest; sometimes they are the smartest, but more often simply the luckiest.”—Carrie Ryan

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