The Week That Was: April 29-May 3

MDA Announces Launch of Exciting New Member Benefit with TDSC

OOS LP.png

As a dentist, you constantly need supplies. As an MDA member, you want your association to provide special savings. Now you can have both. After months of behind-the-scenes work to set up a user-friendly interface, The Dental Supply Company opened for online orders on May 1. You can comparison shop and test drive the opportunity to save $. This growing enterprise expanded to 10 new states this week. Those states that have been live for a bit report that you can save enough in a year to cover your dues. That’s Friday-worthy news! Perhaps just as important is excellent customer service. MDA staffer Melissa Albertson has been handling this launch on our end and had this to say early in the week before the launch, “I just called their 800 number to see what members would hear. Within 10 seconds they have a live person. His name is Trent. He said, yep, we’re ready for you … ‘if they call, they will get me and I will take care of them’.”  Investigate for yourselves. Go to to get started.


Burnout is Serious Business

This blog, by design, is mostly for bite-size nuggets, social news and photos of events. Consider it a light-hearted archive of the MDA. But life is not always light-hearted. In fact, it can be very dark and challenging. Your profession—while most times very rewarding— has high stressors baked into it. It’s okay to hit a bump and need help for yourself or a team member. This is the whole reason behind having a Voluntary Wellness Program through our Dental Well Being Foundation. Our program administrator, Rebecca Mowen, is trained, compassionate and experienced in working with dental professionals. She will be attending the ADA’s Dentist Health and Well-Being Conference in July. This year’s event, You First: Management and Prevention of Burnout in Dentistry, offers “sessions on recognizing and preventing burnout, dealing with the stigma of being a provider with mental health issues, and a questions-and-answers session with professionals who have experienced burnout.” If you are dealing with burnout or any type of issue that is impacting your well-being, my encouragement to you is put aside any fear or pride and make a confidential call to Rebecca (314-435-1101). It might be the best decision of your life.


Under Construction and Under the Gun

Those of you who attended MDA’s Legislative Day saw the Capital under construction. Well, that will still be the case for a while now. But under that scaffolding, the clock is ticking and we have just two weeks left in the session. It’s anybody’s guess as to how it all shakes out. Shantel reports of all-night filibusters. Rest assured the MDA is positioned to respond and right on top of all the last minute maneuvering. This is in large part to your work and presence on Legislative Day. Earlier this week, Shantel sent an SOS “email your senator” request in regard to legislation. She told us yesterday that she was in the Senate Chamber and time and again senators told her, “we’ve already heard from your dentists”. That is advocacy at work. That is YOU at work! Many thanks as it takes the whole team to maintain our agenda and protect your interests.

Components in Action Today and Tonight

Schedule conflicts kept me off the road this week, but I can report that Southeast Dental Society had a Tech Night last night, played golf this morning and wraps up with a spring business meeting over lunch. And tonight, Vicki Wilbers will join MDA President, Dr. Dan Kessler, on his home turf for the Greater Springfield Installation Banquet. Maybe I’ll have photos next week.

The Week Ahead

Team Travel revs the engines again and heads to ATSU in St. Louis for a series of events including Food For Thought, Table Talk with D4s and National Signing Day. RSVP totals are impressive, so we look forward to a great time with these soon to be grads.

Quotes of the Week

Burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.” —Michael Gungar

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” —Unknown

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